10 Fast Growing Fields in Specialty Marketing for Your Freelance Gig Postings 

There’s a strong need for product marketing specialization within the freelance gigs marketplace. With the gig industry for services exploding, one of the best new opportunities is going to be in product marketing. Companies are having a very hard time launching products in the new digital age. Amazon was the avenue of choice until it became a place for unlimited fake reviews. Today’s business leaders know that competing on the Amazon platform means committing to joining in the Jeff Bezos illegal fake review fraud.  So that opens up other options including: video, social media, influencers, websites, and online publishers of articles and news. However, according to current surveys, only 1% of  gig workers uses these alternative platforms, so those who gain a significant foothold could do very well financially.

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For years, companies relied mostly on traditional brick and mortar store distribution, but everyone is quickly realizing this is not a growing trend. That’s where gig product marketers such as you can shine. In this digital world, with many platforms, you have the ability to match the products with the platform and message.  New products are the lifeline of most companies as well as the world economy, and if companies can not find pathways to new developments, then they focus mostly on cost reduction.

Here are 10 fast growing online marketing fields:

1) Product Videos
2) Product Web Pages
3) Product Blog Content
4) Customer Success Stories/Case Studies
5) Group Product Demos
6) Competitor Comparison Matrices
7) Internet wholesale
8) Social Media Influencers
9) Mobile Device Location Marketing
10) Publishing News Articles

Each category and or field is a whole profession. Those who can develop successful track records in these markets in the gig world could create robust income in the future.

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The digital world is changing nearly everything we have learned about business. It has already changed marketing, forcing the adoption of  low cost business structures, and online strategies.  But there’s plenty of room for any product development companies that can create an easy, repeatable way to carry out the next generation of product launches. For those who can crack this nut, there’s a wonderful future ahead.

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