10 Most Beautiful Capitals of the World

  • The global capital of fashion and love, Paris is every honeymooners’ delight.
  • Rome, is famous for its ancient stately buildings, countless art masterpieces, and beautiful monuments.
  • A powerful blend of history and innovation, Moscow is full of historical sights, awe-inspiring architecture, outstanding galleries and museums, and artistic monuments.

Often the capital of every country worldwide is more beautiful than its other cities since the capital city is that particular country’s very face.

Here are the 10 most beautiful capitals of the world:

London, England and the United Kingdom – Possessing a deep-rooted history, the world’s artistic capital London is the British Empire’s leading economic city. Located on the banks of the Thames, the city of London is famous for its exquisite architectural buildings such as the London Eye, Tower of London and Buckingham Palace.

London is so full of beauty that you’d surely want to stay here longer than planned. The well-constructed streets and lanes in this large, densely populated city are clear evidence of its age-old tradition.

London abounds with a variety of gardens providing a flower-packed area to unwind and absorb fresh sunlight.

Regent’s Park, exceptionally famous as a place of amusement and relaxation, has an artificial lake, cricket fields, tennis areas, and kids’ playgrounds. The London Zoo, situated on its north side, is home to a variety of beautiful animals.

Islamabad, Pakistan – Situated on one of Asia’s most primitive civilization sites, Islamabad is well-known for greenery, calm, and cleanliness. The capital city is also famous for well-constructed buildings and high rises like the Faisal Mosque, The Stock Exchange Tower, Lok Virsa Museum, and the Centaurus Mall.

Tiergarten, Berlin’s oldest park.

Pakistan’s most sophisticated city and full of lush, green gardens, Islamabad is extremely well-maintained with the country’s northern beauty, further adding to its appeal. Needless to mention, Islamabad makes an excellent choice for a vacation getaway.

Berlin, Germany – The largest German city of immense historical significance, Berlin is full of parks, lakes, woods, and waterways. It’s a real treat for tourists to watch exciting events here, such as the Berlin Air Show and Bread & Butter Trade Show. Also, within the city lie downright, unforgettably astonishing sights.

For instance, Teufelsberg, a World War II memorial, stands as tall as 394 feet and is one of Berlin’s highest points famous for offering panoramic views of the city.

Then there’s the Tiergarten, Berlin’s oldest park, the best place to visit in autumn, what with the leaves changing colors. Previously a hunting ground, the Tiergarten also features marvelous monuments like the Victory Column and the Bismarck Memorial.

Washington D.C., US – A stunning capital city is known for keeping abreast of every field, Washington D.C. or simply D.C. is full of iconic buildings and fascinating spots. The city is also a favorite for its numerous dazzling light events.

A popular vacation destination in the U.S., the hot tourist spots here include the White House, Lincoln Memorial, and National Zoological Park. Filled with the best museums and cruises, D.C. enjoys a reputation for aesthetic coolness and lush greenery. The city also has dozens of breathtaking national parks filled with wildlife, canals, and monuments.

Eiffel Tower.

Paris, France – The global capital of fashion and love, Paris is every honeymooners’ delight. Who among us has not dreamt of visiting the awesome Eiffel Tower? Paris is also an international centre for art and gastronomy. Other places of tourist interest include the Notre Dame Cathedral, Disneyland and the Louvre Museum.

A well-built city, its view is a crisscrossed pattern of full, tree-lined streets and the Seine. Cruising on the River Seine at night and taking in panoramic views of the illuminated monuments is any traveler’s delight!

A private garden surrounding the Luxembourg Palace, the Luxembourg park is a lovely place to walk about, what with its orchard, numerous apple varieties, a glasshouse filled with orchids, plenty of statues, and three splendid fountains.

Rome, Italy – The homeland of several renowned holy persons and popes, Rome, is famous for its ancient stately buildings, countless art masterpieces, and beautiful monuments. The popular tourist attractions of this Italian capital city include the Vatican Museum, the Colosseum, the Sistine Chapel, and the Trevi Fountain.

The Colosseum, an impressive art piece, is Rome’s and, in fact, Italy’s central symbol. When it comes to enjoying an ideal combination of natural beauty and Roman art, Villa Borghese is the place to be. A stunning park to walk around with fountains surrounding it, Villa Borghese is home to Neoclassical statues, architectural elements, and incredible museums such as Galleria Borghese.

Tokyo Japan.

Tokyo, Japan – An ultimate combination of the extremely modern and historical, from neon-lit highrises to ancient temples, Tokyo is also full of grand gardens and beautiful museums. Top tourist attractions of Tokyo include the Meiji Shrine, the Imperial Palace, Disney Sea, and the Rikugien Gardens.

The grand and wonderfully serene Meiji Shinto Shrine has a towering, 40-foot high gate and surrounding forest. The Imperial Palace, the official residence of the nation’s Imperial family, sits amid vast park areas, surrounded by enormous stone walls.

Rikugien, the traditional landscape garden, believed to recreate eighty- eight scenes from notable poetry, has beautiful ponds and bridges, and a traditional teahouse serving matcha tea.

Budapest, Hungary – Packed with lovely castles, astonishing ancient churches, brilliant bridges, and awe-inspiring museums, Budapest lies on the banks of the beautiful Danube River. Few must-visits in the capital city are St. Stephen’s Basilica, the Chain Bridge, the Museum of Applied Arts and Fisherman’s Bastion.

Zrinyi Street, one of Budapest’s loveliest streets offers amazing views of old architectures. The scenic World Heritage of this gorgeous European city consists of the banks of the River Danube, expensive boulevards like Andrassy Avenue, the 19th-century Heroes’ Square, and Europe’s earliest subway line, the Millennium Underground Railway.

Ottawa, Canada – Situated close to River Ottawa and having the largest “green-belt” parks worldwide, the city of Ottawa is famous for its fascinating nature and eye-catching beauty. Winters bring plenty of snowfall here, making the Rideau Canal a beautiful skating ground. Other places of interest in Ottawa are the Canadian War Museum, Dows Lake, and Nepean Point.

In the centre of Ottawa lies the Parliament Hill boasting impressive Victorian architecture and the National Gallery of Canada exhibiting indigenous and artistic collections. Summer is a great time for picnicking at Dows Lake, and, here, the popular Tulip Festival is a real tourist trap!

The Moskva Rriver in Russia.

Moscow, Russia – A powerful blend of history and innovation, Moscow is full of historical sights, awe-inspiring architecture, outstanding galleries and museums, and artistic monuments.

Notable places worth visiting are St. Basil’s Cathedral, the Museum of Modern Art, Lenin’s Mausoleum, the Kremlin, Gorky Park, and the Red Square, the nation’s symbolic center.

The Moskva river makes for a beautiful place to stroll around or take a boat tour, with night cruises adding to the excitement.


On reading up about the world’s most beautiful capitals, you might have already planned a trip to some of them! In case you’re thinking of touring the cities in a rented car, make sure to hire one with sturdy roof racks to carry additional cargo like camping gear.

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