10 Things That Could Happen if You Drink Coffee Every Day

  • Coffee is known for it simply because it contains caffeine – a natural stimulant that can improve mental alertness and concentration.
  • Caffeine intake stimulates thermogenesis.
  • Too much coffee can actually be counterproductive.

Do you agree with the claim that almost the entire working world runs of coffee? We certainly do, and this is exactly why millions of people can’t imagine their day to start without a cup of coffee – their favorite hot beverage. If you belong to this group, too – welcome to the club! If you still don’t drink coffee, we’re here to tell you why you should start. Coffee undoubtedly has so many fabulous benefits that can make your life much better and more productive. Here are ten important things that could happen if you drink coffee every day you must know about. Also, you’ll learn why to limit it and how much coffee you should drink on a daily basis. So, stay with us and enjoy!

Why should you drink coffee on a daily basis?

1. It can significantly boost your alertness

Are you one of those people who grab a cup of coffee immediately after waking up? If you are, you surely know that this magical drink can boost your alertness in the morning. According to coffee lovers, this is one of the most important benefits of drinking coffee on a daily basis. Coffee is known for it simply because it contains caffeine – a natural stimulant that can improve mental alertness and concentration. These effects are often seen at low levels of coffee consumption – around 75mg of caffeine a day. If that’s what you’re looking for, make sure to stick within the recommended caffeine dosage for the best results. It’ll undoubtedly enhance your mood and help you stay alert throughout the day, which is a benefit that mustn’t be overlooked!

Coffee is packed with antioxidants!

2. Coffee may help you lose weight, too

Apart from boosting your mood, coffee can help you with weight loss as well. There are several explanations for this claim, so keep on reading if you want to shed those few extra pounds. Firstly, caffeine in coffee can suppress your appetite. And what does that mean? Well, it basically means that it can temporarily reduce your desire to eat. This can be extremely helpful when you’re trying to lose some weight, so give it a try. However, make sure not to go overboard with your caffeine intake. It gives the best results when consumed moderately. Besides that, caffeine intake stimulates thermogenesis as well. This process allows your body to generate more heat and energy from digesting food, which is how it burns calories much faster.  Just give it a fair shot and you’ll see what we were talking about!

3. It can boost your antioxidant levels

Did you know that coffee is famous for boosting antioxidant levels in your body? Yes, that’s right, so don’t overlook this amazing advantage at any cost. If you don’t know what antioxidants are, we must say that these should be a crucial part of your diet. They protect your cells by reducing potential harm caused by free radicals, which is why they are extremely beneficial. In fact, many experts think of them as miracle foods that can do wonders for your skin, hair, and body in general. Apart from various fruits and vegetables, coffee is packed with antioxidants, too. When you brew a cup of coffee, the nutrients found in coffee beans will be transferred to your cup. Once you drink your coffee in the morning, the antioxidants found in it will protect your cells from the harmful free radicals. As simple as that!

4. Coffee can improve your brain function as well

Improving brain function is another essential property of coffee, which is great news for all the coffee lovers out there. Some studies even suggest that coffee consumption decreases the risk of developing Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Even though many people think that it’s because of caffeine, it actually isn’t. It’s all about phenylindanes, compounds found in coffee beans that protect the brain from different diseases. Aside from improving brain function, coffee is also said to boost productivity. This is exactly why many companies decide to buy quality office coffee machines for their business spaces. So, if you’re lucky enough to have such a machine in your office, be sure to take advantage of it and drink fabulous coffee every single day. Of course, do it in moderation, as too much coffee can actually be counterproductive. Read more about that below!

5. It may be good for your memory

Drinking coffee can be very good for your memory, which is a good enough reason to add it to your everyday routine, right? Apart from preventing diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, it can also strengthen your brain and boost your memory retention. This is because caffeine has cognitive-enhancing properties that can make your brain more resistant to forgetting – no matter how silly it may seem. This is a great thing simply because many people nowadays struggle with their daily tasks due to the lack of focus, which is often caused by forgetting both essential and non-essential facts. If that’s what bothers you, too, try with incorporating one cup of coffee into your day-to-day routine – especially before important tasks. Just be persistent and you’ll surely see a big difference, without a shadow of a doubt!

6. Coffee can protect you from liver disease

Yes, we know that it probably seems a bit odd, but the fact is that coffee can protect you from liver disease! That’s right, and this is particularly true for people who tend to regularly consume alcohol. As you probably already know, regular alcohol intake can result in alcoholic cirrhosis. Well, some studies showed that the chances of developing this disease can significantly decrease if you start drinking at least one cup of coffee, too. This means that the more coffee one consumes, the less risk they’ll probably have of developing and being hospitalized with alcoholic cirrhosis. Of course, adding coffee to your routine should never be an excuse for excessive drinking. Also, one cup of coffee a day certainly won’t make this problem disappear, so bear that in mind and ask for professional help if needed!

If you tend to drink coffee later in the afternoon, drop this bad habit if you want to sleep well.

Why should you limit your coffee intake?

1. It can be potentially harmful to pregnant women

Even though coffee has so many great health benefits, there are some cases when your daily intake should be limited. If you’re expecting a child, you know that a well-balanced diet should be one of your top priorities. Unfortunately, caffeine isn’t the best for pregnant women, which is why they should either minimize daily intake or completely stay away from it. This is simply because high caffeine intake can be extremely harmful to the fetus. Since it isn’t able to metabolize caffeine very well, it can result in the fetus taking in less nutrition than needed, which can cause numerous problems in its development. So, if you’re a mom-to-be who’s a huge fan of coffee, we highly suggest avoiding coffee as much as possible. If you can’t ditch it completely, be sure to drink it at least every other day. After all, it’s way better than sticking to your old routine!

2. Coffee can sometimes interrupt your sleeping pattern

Have you ever had difficulties falling asleep at night? We reckon that you had and, truth be told, there are many factors that can affect the quality of your sleep and result in sleep deprivation. Drinking coffee is one of those factors, but it happens when you grab a cup right after waking up. On the contrary, it happens when you drink coffee well into the afternoon or evening. And why is that? Well, it’s because the caffeine in coffee boosts your alertness and brain function immediately after drinking it. Besides that, it’s good to know that caffeine has a half-life of six hours. It means that if you drink it at 3 pm, half of the caffeine from that cup will still be in your body at 9 pm, preventing you from falling asleep. If you tend to drink coffee later in the afternoon, drop this bad habit if you want to sleep well. All you have to do is to adjust your caffeine intake to morning hours only and you’ll be fine!

3. Unfiltered coffee can increase your cholesterol levels

Millions of people all around the globe are dealing with high levels of blood cholesterol these days. If you’re one of them, you know that adjusting your diet can be a really challenging task, but you know what? Drinking unfiltered coffee is also a big factor here, as it can increase your bad cholesterol levels – especially if you drink it every day. This is because of a substance called cafestol that can be found in unfiltered coffee. It’s said to raise the LDL cholesterol levels and therefore increase your risk of heart disease – when you drink it in huge amounts every day, of course. This is true for French press coffee, as well as for Turkish-style coffee, so bear it in mind and drink it in moderation only. That’s the key to success!

4. It can raise your heart rate and cause a headache

Drinking too much coffee can result in a headache, as well as a heart disease characterized by raised heart rate and increased blood pressure. To be completely honest with you, caffeine found in coffee can give you all of these, but guess what? Such increases are usually short and temporary, which means that they probably won’t have negative effects in the long run. However, you should be very careful if you start to experience such symptoms often. If that’s the case, cut down on your caffeine intake because your body doesn’t respond to coffee in a healthy way. Just listen to your body and do exactly as it says, as that’s the best way to go. We’ll repeat it once again – drinking coffee in moderation won’t negatively affect your body and health in general. On the contrary, consuming too much of it will. Just take that into consideration and you’ll do what’s right for you!

So, how much coffee should you be drinking daily?

The amount of coffee you should drink on a daily basis definitely depends on a lot of factors. Needless to say, coming up with the optimal amount can be very tricky; however, it isn’t impossible. Stressing out about your caffeine intake is the last thing you should do though. Instead, you should listen to your body and drink as much coffee as it craves. Firstly, it means that you can enjoy several cups of coffee if you don’t have a certain health condition. On the other hand, things will slightly change if you have a medical condition that interferes with the consumption of coffee. As previously mentioned, caffeine can increase your heart rate and bad cholesterol levels, and raise your blood pressure. These are typical of particular heart diseases, so ensure to stay away from coffee if you suffer from them. Of course, if you still want to drink coffee no matter what, you should better consult with your doctor. They will give you the best medical advice, so don’t skip that and you’ll do a great job!

As you can see, there are so many fantastic things that could happen if you drink coffee every day. Its benefits are truly numerous, so bear them in mind if you don’t know whether to start drinking it or not. Apart from boosting your alertness and helping you lose weight, it can increase your antioxidant levels, too. Also, coffee can improve your brain function and memory retention, as well as protect you from liver disease. Obviously, the benefits of coffee can be experienced if you drink it in moderation. If you tend to drink too much of it, you’re likely to have problems with good night’s sleep. Pregnant women shouldn’t drink a lot of coffee in order to keep their fetus healthy, whereas people with heart problems should probably skip it, too. All in all, sticking to our tips is highly recommended here. Just follow our guidelines and you’ll know exactly what to do. That’s a promise!

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