10 Ways to Keep Your Home Warm This Winter

  • Use thick curtains.
  • Cover the floor.
  • Hang blankets on walls

Winter is around the corner and you might again be wondering the best ways to keep your home warmer. The efficient heating techniques not only make sure that you keep your home warm without shelling big bucks but also retain the heat inside for longer.

Although the months of winter are full of festive spirit, the fun can be ruined if the homes are not efficiently warmed up. Prepping up last minute when the cold troubles you will only result in hasty and mindless expenditures and huge utility bills. To avoid this last-minute hassle, we have come up with easy methods to warm up your homes this winter:

1. Use thick curtains

While the thing breezy curtains during the summer season keep the ventilation flowing, they wound result in the extreme cold during the winter season. Switching to thick curtains will make sure the heat is retained inside the homes for long. Use thick curtains not only on windows but also on the doors to ensure the added heat protection.

Apart from using thick curtains, make sure to keep the windows closed during nights and open during the sun hours.  What can be a better heater than the Sun itself! Thus make sure to let the warm winter sunlight inside your homes during the daytime.

Besides wearing winter socks you can also keep your floor covered with thick rugs to ensure better insulation of your home.

2. Cover the floor

Besides wearing winter socks you can also keep your floor covered with thick rugs to ensure better insulation of your home. Carpets and rugs trap the heat of your homes and create a cozy, warmed environment.  You will immediately feel a difference in the heat retention of your home after insulating the floors. The floors that are not insulated are major sources of heat loss during the winter season; thus, make sure to cover up the floors!

3. Buy a good thermostat

A heater that not only works with optimum energy intake but also provides maximum utility is the ultimate device for winters. One such thermostat available in the market is EcoHeat. This device is not only environmentally friendly but also portable. It comes with an auto shut-off feature that makes sure the device does not remain on when tripped over. It also starts and shuts down automatically thus ensuring you do not have to disrupt your sleep to operate it manually.

4. Make your chimneys winter- friendly

The huge hood of your chimneys is a good source for the winter air to come inside. Thus, when not in use, make sure to cover the hood of your chimneys to block the passage for the cold air. If you are not going to use your chimney or fireplace for long, then you can also consider closing the flues. The open end of the chimney or a fireplace can suck out the warm air of your homes, increasing the heat loss during winters. Thus, make sure to insulate any open drafts in your homes.

5. Cover up the cracks in bricks

If there are cracks in the bricks on the outer part of your homes, then cold air can easily seep inside. You can either hire help or buy ready-made products and spray the cracks shut. This will ensure better insulation of your homes and make the house warmer.

The open end of the chimney or a fireplace can suck out the warm air of your homes, increasing the heat loss during winters.

6. Insulate the water pipes

The winter season does not get easy for your water pipes either. The problems arise when the pipes are frozen and there is no water at home. The best way to avoid this is to insulate the pipes way before the temperature gets freezing. There are ready-made options available to insulate your water pipes in the form of heat cables and heat tapes. If you can not afford to buy these items, you can use newspapers to insulate your pipes.

7. Insulate your garage/ attic/ spare rooms

To maximize the heat retention of your homes, make sure to insulate the spare rooms, garage, attic, or any other such potential open cold spaces. These spaces can act as major inlets to cold air during winters. Adding extra padding or layers to the existent frames can go a long way in keeping your homes warmer this winter.

8. Insulate your windows

Adding insulation to the windows retains major heat inside the homes. If double glazing the window is a costly affair for you, then you can consider buying a plastic layer to cover up the windows. This special film on the inside of your windows will provide the added insulation and thus keep the freezing air out.

9. Keep the air filters clean/ unblocked

To increase the efficiency of your HVAC system, make sure to clean the air filters at regular intervals. Any blockage with furniture or a pile of laundry will only result in your HVAC system working stronger that in turn will reduce its efficiency. Thus, make sure to keep the air flowing by unblocking all the vents.

10. Hang blankets on walls

Lastly, the best way to increase the insulation of your home is to hang blankets along the wall. This will trap the heat inside your home and make it cozier, not to mention you will not be incurring any costs while implementing this method.

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