148 Killed by Islamic Terrorists This Week, During 26 Separate Attacks

This is a significant decline from the last few weeks. There were no major attacks out of Afghanistan, which had been a hot spot right up until the peace road map was signed.

The worst attack occurred in Kismayo, Somalia where 26 were killed and 56 were injured. A suicide car bomb exploded at the base of the Asasey hotel in the southern port city while a presidential candidate was meeting with local elders.  Timed just seconds behind the explosion, three heavily armed gunman entered the Hotel killing 26 including American and a UK citizen. A gun battle ensued for 14 hours before armed security were able to retake control of the hotel.

A pregnant Canadian journalist, Hodan Nalayeh, and her husband Farid Jama Suleiman both died during the attack. The 43-year-old moved to Somalia from Canada with a mission to showcase and promote the east African country’s rich culture and natural beauty. You can follow information about Hodan Nalayeh and her husband on twitter at #KismayoAttack.

Communal News reported earlier that elders and politicians claimed clan leaders were inside the hotel discussing a regional election that will happen in a short time, when the attack began. Witnesses said they heard a huge explosion before gunmen forced their way into the building. Kenyans, Americans, one Brit and Tanzanians were among the murdered, the deadliest attack in the city since insurgents were driven out in 2012.

The dead included a presidential candidate for August’s Jubbaland regional elections, Jubbaland state president Ahmed Mohamed Madobe said. At least two journalists and a U.N. agency staff members were also reported to have been killed. The killing of a presidential candidate is a major defeat for the Somalia government’s one-person one-vote elections nationwide elections next year, including increasing the risk and fears for the remaining presidential candidates.

Kismayo is the commerical capital and a very influential area in the region of Jubbaland, where al Shabaab fighters are known to bomb local Somalia and Kenya.

Source : https://www.thereligionofpeace.com

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