201 Murdered in 30 Islamic Terrorist Attacks Over Last Week; Fewer Attacks, More People Killed

Twenty Eight people were killed by Islamic terrorist attacks per day each and every day over the last 7 days. Though the number of attack per day decreased from 32 over six days to 30 over 7 days. The overall number of deaths has increase while the number of attacks has declined over the previous week.

Supreme Leader Mawlawi Hibatullah Akhundzada (born 1961) is the current leader of the Taliban, an armed militant group that was the former government of Afghanistan. The Taliban also bestowed upon Akhundzada the title Emir-al-Momineen (Commander of the Faithful) that his two predecessors had carried.

The most horrific attack this week occurred when suicide bombers for the Taliban killed at least 19 in a government office building in the city of Maruf east of Kabul.  The Taliban at the same time continues to negotiate peace with U.S. officials in Qatar to hopefully end the 18+ year war with in Afghanistan.  Employees of the Independent Election Commission were stationed at this government office to register voters when fighters of the hard line Islamist group Taliban launched the attack.

Taliban suicide fighters premeditated and coordinated four separate armored vehicles loaded with explosives exploding into the government compound.

Qari Yousuf Ahmadi, a Taliban spokesman claimed the fighters killed election commission employees and 57 members of the Afghan National Defence and Security Forces (ANDSF). They also captured 11 others with five vehicles and a large cache of weapons during the attack at the district center.

This attack was staged ahead of the presidential polls in September, according to a spokesman for Afghanistan’s Independent Election Commission (IEC). The twice-delayed Afghanistan presidential election is now slated for September 28.

Just after the attacked, the seventh round of peace talks started in Doha, the capital of Qatar, aimed at hammering out the more detailed points of an agreement that will see the eventual withdrawal of over 20,000 US and NATO troops from Afghanistan.

The U.S. and UN expect guarantees that Afghanistan will not again harbor armed groups to carry out attacks worldwide. As the Taliban spokesman claims “We will continue to fight against foreign and Afghan forces until a peace deal is signed.”

Source : https://www.thereligionofpeace.com

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