Higher Interest Rates are Negatively Affecting many Markets & Trending others Investments Upwards.

  • Markets drop on fear over interest rates; 10-year yield hits its highest level since 2011. Interest-rate sensitive stocks falling.
  • Spooked by rising interest rates, investors are flee real estate investments. 10-year Treasury yields jumped more than 30 basis points in four weeks
  • The burgeoning bond market sell-off will likely hit mortgages in the coming weeks, setting up another test for a strained housing market.
  • Good news for retired and savers.  If you’re a borrower, it’s going to hurt. If you’re a saver, it’s going to help. You want to be on the right side of that equation.
  • Short-term bonds are now allowing you to pick up income and yield that we haven’t seen in years and that yield is likely to go up over the next two to four years.
  • Moringstars top rated bond SMA  during higher interest rate spikes,  this short term fixed income investment SMA provided the best 1,3 & 5% year track record in high yield fixed income again according to Morningstar.

Jay Black

I try to write fact based articles that most people won't. Lets improve this world including both Corporate and Government malfeasance. If you have a lead about a ethical failure please comment on my article or in many of my comments.

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