Millennials: Marriage is Paramount

  • Marriage is paramount. Its a phase in life.
  • Millennials look down upon marriage and see it as a trap.
  • Lack of the marriage mind has added to an increase in sugar mommies and sugar daddies.

Everyone wishes to have a family. Everyone yearns to have kids, own a gigantic mansion, drift a fleet of classic cars and just be happy in marriage. Yes i said it, be happy in marriage.

Marriage is paramount. Its a phase in life. It’s believed that everyone must get married at some point in life. Whether late or early, your parents will still want grandchildren.

The millennials are not ready for a cuff. They look down upon marriage and see it as a trap. They will only focus their wits on clubbing, trend-setting and lazing on the couch watching movies.

I once overhead someone saying, “being a man is a scam, imagine this: you have taken your girlfriend for dates , you have paid for dowry (where you got fined ’cause apparently you messed on some traditional cultures that had to be followed), you have spent a million shillings on your wedding and of course, the school fees are waiting for you! It’s a trap!!! Be a bachelor and be free off that bullshit.”

Many reasons have compelled the millennials to fear marriage. Some are from their fast hand experiences (their family background) while others are experiences from their immediate surroundings.

The family frauds that occur in one’s life affect the way he/she will view marriage. The fights and the separations psychologically affects an individual.

Marriage has lost the essence it had in the past.

Lack of the marriage mind has also added onto the increase of sugar mummy and sugar daddy business. Individuals past 35 years have no other alternative other than going for young desperate and money-hungry millennials in the name of satisfaction.

If only we could value marriage like we did in the past, then we wouldn’t be having family frauds tracing from infidelity to divorce.

Marriage is paramount!

Ian Elroy Ogonji

Freelance writer. Son of Africa. A prolific soul.

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