The Indoctrination of America’s Youth by the Public School System (Part 4)

  • Teachers will blatantly abuse their position and influence by routinely criticizing the president.
  • Teachers will alienate students based on the students' political views.
  • Teachers will show students videos promoting a certain political view and force them to protest for causes that the teachers and adminstrators support.

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The Blatant Abuse of Position

Although all the practices so far mentioned could be described as teachers abusing their position, there are many instances when teachers blatantly abuse their position to force their own agenda onto the students.

Illegal immigration is a subject that teachers love to talk about despite it not being in the curriculum. A Spanish teacher, who is an immigrant, gives lectures about the trauma an illegal immigrant family faces when crossing the border. He tells the stories of illegal immigrants and their strife and hardship. This teacher tells students of how terrible these immigrants’ countries are and how they have no other way but to cross the border illegally. Trying to sway students into supporting illegal immigration by giving emotional speeches about “the strife” that an illegal immigrant faces, though a blatant abuse of the teacher’s influential position, isn’t that uncommon.

Julie C. has a teacher who takes it a bit further. Her teacher said that, “If ICE ever came on campus then we should toss our I.D. cards and switch places not according to our seating chart and refuse to give ICE agents our name.” This teacher is telling his students to protect criminals by refusing to cooperate with a federal law enforcement agency. If this scenario ever happened this teacher could easily be charged with obstruction of justice. This teacher defends illegal immigrants and demonizes United Sates Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), something done with increasing regularity by many teachers throughout the nation.

Many teachers will routinely criticize Trump despite it often having nothing to do with the content or class. Classes such as current issues will often turn into an hour of the teacher making crude and abhorrent remarks about Trump and his policies. Connor D. says his teacher will call Trump racist in front of the class. Another student says after the 2016 presidential election her drama teacher told the class that, “this is not good, if you are not straight, if you are not white. If you’re not male then you’re in danger.” This same student’s chemistry teacher told the class that, “they as students should be smarter than the president.” This student says she really likes Trump, but is afraid to say anything.

When teachers go after Trump like this in class they are not only inappropriately influencing students, but they are alienating a large group of students. This doesn’t only apply to teachers talking negatively about Trump, but when teachers get political in the classroom they will inevitably be alienating a portion of the students. Doing this is unfair to all the students, but it is especially hurtful to the students being alienated by the teacher’s comments. So many teachers will openly attack and mock Trump and conservative values in class seeing nothing wrong with what they’re doing. These teachers are creating an incredibly hostile environment for students who support what they are mocking. These teachers have no right to be doing what they’re doing, it is a clear abuse of their position as teachers.

Many English teachers use class discussions and assigned readings to “enlighten” students about the societal issues they perceive. Class discussions of how “the woman was portrayed in the novel” and how their negative portrayal is indicative of our patriarchal society are used to champion women at the expense of men. Students can be assigned to read articles that spew radical feminist rhetoric and propaganda. This does little except divide the students along lines of gender and alienate the male students. These teachers are altering content, teaching the lessons, and structuring discussions to promote their own feelings and ideas. They have come to believe that, usually at the cost of the students, it is crucial for them to pass on their own frustrations and world views.

Study hall is a period designated for students to do homework and study. However many teachers use study hall as a time to give students “necessary information” which usually amounts to liberal propaganda. In Jane Doe’s Study Hall she is shown videos of LGBTQ members telling listeners to respect their pronouns, Social Justice Warriors burning the American flag (As teachers tell the students that this is how you stand up for your rights), police brutality, and black lives matter. Students are “educated” on white privilege and harmful stereotypes. All of this in the name of “teaching kids about tolerance.” The teachers have no right to be subjecting the students to this warped and sickening version of “teaching.”

An extremely common occurrence in Study Hall, and many times in academic classes, is the playing of the news by teachers, as is the case with Connor D.’s teacher. Students are usually forced to sit quietly and watch whatever news station the teacher has chosen. I do believe that schools should encourage students to stay informed, however playing the news during a time designated for students to work or to be learning a particular subject is probably not appropriate. The network that is usually played for the students is CNN. There is an obvious liberal bias in CNN’s reporting and covering of the news, as there is today in every major news network. With the extreme bias in all the major news networks it is inevitable that no matter what network is shown, students will experience bias and indoctrination to one side of the political spectrum. Teachers should allow students to learn and work without attempting to “teach” their versions of tolerance and morality and attempting to “educate” them about things that they have no right to be educating them about.

Many schools will have kids go on school walkouts for causes such as gun violence or feminism in which students are forced to participate. Teachers, such as those of Connor D. and Julie C.’s, will tell students communism is superior to capitalism, reverse racism is a fallacy, and white privilege is a real problem affecting America. It is terrible that teachers are using their position to influence students on these issues. However the most blatant and disturbing abuse of position by teachers is tell students who to vote for. There are many teachers who, during the 2016 elections, warned students about voting for Trump and encouraged or told them to vote for Hillary. It is truly disturbing that this is happening. Any teacher that sinks to this level in order to promote their own political beliefs and agenda ought to be immediately fired and never allowed to work in the school system again. Unfortunately that does not happen.

Many teachers are abusing their position as educators and as adults who are given a massive amount of influence on children in order to promote their own political beliefs and agenda. This abuse can go from lecturing students about the unjust hardship illegal immigrants face to showing the students liberal propaganda of flag burning and LGBTQ activists to telling the students how to vote. Teachers are entrusted with one of the most crucial and vital jobs, educating the nation’s youth. Unfortunately many teachers abuse this responsibility for their own means and to promote their own causes.

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