2019 Music News: Exzavier Whitley

  • Brand new gaming entertainment company.
  • Upcoming two acoustic albums “Oppressed” and “Page 1."
  • Recently recorded song “I Still Stand.”

Recently, singer-songwriter and Denver artist Exzavier Whitley has been up to lots of things. One of his most recent feats is his newest creation of a brand new gaming entertainment company Titled OneThrone Gaming which features gameplay of various titles, commentary and all things gamer. Very interestingly, the parent company of his new Onethrone Gaming platform is OneThrone Productions LLC which he also owns and operates himself! On top of running two companies he also is coming out with loads of new music and two albums “Page 1” and “Oppressed” on top his expanding clothing line belonging to OneThrone Productions LLC and shoe line as well! We wonder how has he all done this and maintain it all but it seems he has done it.

Songwriter Exzavier Whitley has also been working on exclusive Youtube lyric and music video content for his upcoming two acoustic albums “Oppressed” and “Page 1” behind the scenes. Also, we’ve seen that Exzavier has been doing more live appearances and performances and will be headlining more in the greater Denver area!  He has played shows in Long Beach, California one of them consisting of the infamous Royal Cup Cafe where Exzavier Whitley’s performance of his upcoming and recently recorded song “I Still Stand” was recorded. It has been viewed over 1,000 times on host Tieoma Goss’ Facebook page! More live content, shows, appearances, photos, videos, and songs from Exzavier Whitley are coming in hot! Be on the lookout for him, lots of content on the way!!

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Exzavier Whitley

Exzavier Whitley is an American Singer, Songwriter, composer, and musician that grew up in Denver Colorado and Raised in Denver. Though following his dreams, Exzavier continued writing and wrote short poems on his past times. Exzavier started to participate in song writing contests year round, and stayed up long nights finding different and unusual tunings for his guitars. He first started working with American rock band Crown of Thorns bassist Michael Paige, where he recorded his very first single "This Way". Though it was never released, Exzavier keeps it as memory. After many years of dedication and hard work

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