2019 Strategies and Trends to Follow to Promote Instagram Email Marketing Efforts

  • Make sure that you automate your email campaigns, focus on referral marketing and visual marketing to produce create more interactive emails.
  • Be selective about hashtags and only use those that are most relevant and resonates well.
  • You will do well if you also expand your writing strategies and use customized tools to shorten the link to track traffic.

2019 is the year for new trends in Instagram marketing that you should know and follow in order to gain the maximum leverage of your email marketing efforts. Over the years, email marketing has proven to be the most traditional and one of the most effective ways to promote a brand and reach out to the larger section of the audience. This will ensure that you get noticed by the users and enable them to take the desired actions as well.

In fact, industry experts say that email marketing is going nowhere sooner or later and therefore if you are not using it yet for your business promotional matters, start using it immediately to be better off and stay competitive. However, with that said, you will need to make the best use of the new technological advancements as well as the changes in the consumer demands, needs and attitudes.

You should take a moment and assess the needs and listen to expert marketers like Gramista and others and do the following:

  • Personalize your emails
  • Segment the email list before sending and
  • Adding tags
After its launch in 2010, Instagram rapidly gained popularity, with one million registered users in two months, 10 million in a year, and 1 billion as of May 2019. In April 2012, Facebook acquired the service for approximately US$1 billion in cash and stock. As of October 2015, over 40 billion photos had been uploaded to the service.

Also make sure that you automate your email campaigns, focus on referral marketing and visual marketing to produce create more interactive emails.

Promote your Instagram page

If you want to create greater awareness for your brand you will need to promote your Instagram account and page. If you are wondering how exactly you can do that then you can follow these specific actionable steps:

  • Set your marketing goals according to your business plan so that it aligns with your social media strategy
  • Choose a proper and relevant username keeping it simple, easy to read and searchable and easily associates with your brand
  • Create a bio comprising of a short description of your company, its location and website along with a link but sticking to the 150 characters limit and
  • Use proper and popular hashtags to allow your users to find you and your posts more easily thereby allowing you to grow your follower base.

In addition to that, you may also be more creative and make your own hashtag. However, make sure that you get your followers to use it. Though you are allowed, make sure that you do not use 30 hashtags on each post. Be selective and only use those that are most relevant and resonates well. This will ensure that your posts do not get lost in the sea of Instagram posts.

Use Instagram ads

One of the best ways to generate the best results from your email marketing campaign using the social network channels especially if you are a nonprofit is to use The Instagram Ads. You can use these ads to drive donations just like the major nonprofits do with much success.

For this, however, you will need to follow your desired demographic when you want to use Instagram for your email marketing and focus more on the advertising message. The benefit of this is that you will be able to track your return on investment directly. This can be done in different ways but some of the best ways to follow include:

  • Adding a small pixel on your site that will help you to track the number of people coming to your site
  • You can also see how the ad took the desired action by using the Facebook Business Page to run your Instagram ads
  • You must also get acquainted with the Facebook advertising tools and use it for running your ads more successfully on Instagram.

Most importantly, never ever rely on any guesses and assumptions when it comes to increasing social traffic and getting the maximum benefit from your integrated Instagram and email marketing. Always check the stats.

Be obsessed with social media

An Internet celebrity (also known as an influencer, cyber star, wanghong, key opinion leader (KOL), Internet personality, online celebrity, blogebrity, or micro-celebrity) is a celebrity who has acquired or developed their fame and notability through the Internet. The rise of social media has helped people increase their outreach to a global audience. Internet celebrities may be recruited by companies for influencer marketing to advertise products to their fans and followers on their platforms. Internet celebrities often function as lifestyle gurus who promote a particular lifestyle or attitude. In this role, they may be crucial influencers or multipliers for trends in genres including fashion, technology, video games, politics, and entertainment.

You will need to be very passionate and focused on social media, if not obsessed with it. this is the basic requirement to make the most of your social followers. You will need to know:

What they like:

  • What they do
  • Where they hang out the most and
  • What will inspire you to subscribe to your email list.

Follow the square shooting technique to make your Instagram and email marketing more effective. This will save a lot of time in composing the photos.

Also, make sure that you know and recruit some eminent social media influencers, especially if you are dealing with a unique or fashion product. These influencers will make your brand and product famous as they have a huge fan following of their own who are loyal and will follow the recommendation of the influencers.

You will do well if you also expand your writing strategies and use customized tools to shorten the link to track traffic. Lastly, in order to track your traffic, sales, the response of the recipients to your emails, make sure you have a dedicated social media team for that matter.

Stats on traffic

Lastly, the impressive stats of Instagram traffic will encourage you to integrate it with email marketing. According to research, it is revealed that:

  • More then a third of all online traffic and orders come from the social followers through mobile searches and
  • The mobile social media is the most on Instagram and Facebook, owner of Instagram accounting to 80% of the entire social traffic.

Therefore, if you can direct these large number of followers on Instagram to your email messages, you can rest assured to have high signups, conversions and sales volumes.

This will show its impact on both the paid as well as the organic traffic and search results. Social media, particularly Instagram, has made a huge impact on the e-commerce world irrespective of the types of businesses.

It is also found through research that:

  • Instagram and email marketing integration results in higher-funnel discovery
  • Produces better web analytics data and
  • Removes the challenges posed to the e-commerce brands while evaluating the ROI of their ad and marketing spends.

More importantly, shoppers can perform their actions without having to leave the platform to source marketing emails, affiliate sites, and ad networks including messaging apps and text messages.

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