Department Store Retailing Market to Register Stellar Growth

  • Traditional online-only retailers are beginning to open physical stores.
  • The department store retail market is growing in emerging economies, thanks to a rising standard of living.
  • North America has been one of the most lucrative department store retailing markets.

The worldwide market for department stores retailing is one of the quickest developing markets amid all the supporting products market. The retail chains are being utilized in each industrial procedure to make boosting exercises effortless and quicker.

In the past few years, the number of online retailers has increased and the competition is rising amid the department stores and online stores. Online shopping is getting to be mainstream among the customers because of the simplicity of shopping. The department stores keep on redefining itself even with moderate foot traffic and an ever more better digital shopping feel. But those retailers which are capable to stay agile in an unstable market and keep on investing in technology to take care of changing consumer demand will flourish in this novel retail reality. So as to catch-up for lost time with online retailers, numerous department stores are blending in by going online and extending their reach.

There are various departmental divisions, for example, advertising, merchandising, service, accounting as well as budgetary control. There are various types of department store retailing such as discount department store, mid-range department store, upscale department store along with others. These can be further bifurcated into five segments: home appliances, toiletries, clothing, cosmetics, and others. Diverse department stores exhibit various types of spending. In general, an upscale department store conveys costly as well as a better quality product. However, the discount department store conveys more affordable items. Among the prominent regional markets, North America has been one of the most lucrative department store retailing market, trailed by Europe. Moreover, Asia Pacific is representing to be the fastest rising market for department store retailing.

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Increasing disposable income, rising customer confidence, rising promotional activity as well as consistently expanding populace in the emerging nations are a few of the prominent reasons for the expansion of the department store retailing market. With the lower impact of economic recession, disposable income levels and employment rate are raising that enables the buyer to spend more on items, for example, toiletries, cosmetics, and apparels. In this manner increment in the certainty level of the buyer which enables them to spend money effectively. As indicated by the National Bureau of Statistics China, yearly per capita disposable income of urban family units in China raised from $2,271 during the year 2008 to $3,408 during the year 2012. On the other hand, the general annual disposable income if the medium family income in India expanded from $1,366 in the year 2010 to $1,587 in the year 2013.

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Recently, Google is indicated to nearly signing a deal to launch its first physical store, in Chicago, a flagship-level outpost where it is considered to sell its horde of tech products as well as others. It may possibly join Amazon, amid other online players, in the real retailing sector. On the other hand, Sears and Kmart carry on of their deconstruction of physical stores, but speculation continues prominently that more steady retailers in those channels – amid them Kohl’s, J.C. Penney and Macy’s – are all chewing over a few serious shutdowns in the not too far-away future.

Owing to declining retail sales over the decade, Macy’s, like other department stores, has been redoing around 50 stores to incorporate upgraded fixtures and food offerings. The company is rolling out new loyalty programs offering special services to its top consumers, for instance, previews of Broadway plays as well as adding to its online offerings. A few of the prominent companies active in the department store retailing market are Myer, David Jones, Nordstrom, KOHL’S, JCPenny, Dillard’s, Falabella, Hudson’s Bay Company, Liverpool and Lojas Riachuelo.

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