78% Increase in Southern Border Apprehensions in 2019; Family Units up 122%

It been reported that 103,492 migrants were apprehended attempting to reach the U.S. southern border in March, marking the highest month in 12 years.

The US Southern Border with Mexico has seen a 422,334 apprehension from October to March 2019, compared to 237,444 during the same time period in 2018–that’s an 78% increase.

The 6 month apprehension rate is over 70,000 per month, with Southwest Border Family Unit Subject, Unaccompanied Alien Children, and Single Adult Apprehensions Fiscal Year 2019 category up 51,006 from October to March 2019 from 22,922 in the same time frame in 2018–that’s up 122%.

In 2016 the Office of Immigration estimated the TIR was around 75%.  TIR is defined as:

Adding the historic TIR percentage in that would put the estimated Southern US immigration at around 80,000 per month.

Sources: U.S. Customs and Border Protection

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