Poll: Biden 29.3: Sanders 23: Harris 7.5: What an Simple Person Thinks They Need to Do to Win the Democratic Primary

Vice President Joe Biden has taken a 6 point lead and has been able to hold the press attention during his presidential launch this week. Joe Biden now has to establish that he can:

  1. Establish himself as a top fundraiser for his candidacy. Having polls showing him beating Trump should help.
  2. Keep the high attention of the left wing press, with no major gaffes.
  3. Keep the the others in his party from doing too much damage to him, especially the liberal wing, knowing he has a long track record of being a mainstream politician.

Senator Bernie Sanders has great presentations and fundraising already established, and was the leader until Joe Biden entered the race. Bernie Sanders now has to answer these questions:

  1. Being an independent can he earn the trust of Democrat primary voters?
  2. During the last presidential election the Democratic party made sure, using unethical means, that Bernie did not win. For example, the DNC worked for Clinton, almost all Super Delegate Votes (DNC Party members) went against him, town halls gave Clinton the questions in advance. Can he prevent sabotage from happening again?
  3. Will the DNC elect a Socialist? Will the country as a whole accept major change, or would he only help Trump win?

Senator Kamala Harris has the unique position of being a younger, black woman in third place running against two much older more established white men, giving her real strengths in identity politics. Plus she has the largest State, California, in her pocket. Kamala Harris has to prove she can:

  1. Excel on a national stage and in the press against proven national politicians.
  2. Fundraising with Bernie Sanders, who has developed a real skill.
  3. Use her historic, unique identity as a differentiator to attain the liberal wing, while able to tack back and appear more mainstream if she wins the primary.

Next candidates in position of polling:

Buttigieg 6.5

Warren 6.3

O’Rourke 3.5

Booker 1.5

Klobuchar 1.5

Yang 1.3

Castro 1.0

Hickenlooper 0.8

Gillibrand 0.7

Ryan 0.5

Gabbard 0.3

Inslee 0.3

Source: RealClearPolitics

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