Biden Leads Trump by 6: First poll After Biden Officially Announces His Candidacy

Vice President Joe Biden (D) launched his candidacy in Pennsylvania, a purple state where President Donald Trump (R) only beat Secretary of State Hillary Clinton by .007 percent, or just over 44,000 votes out of almost 6 million.

Prior to Trump, the last six presidential elections in the keystone state were won by the Democratic ticket. Our guess is that he will soon show up in Michigan where the Trump winning margin was even smaller (only .002 percent). The six Great Lake State elections prior to Trump were also all won by the DNC candidate.

As Biden is working to woo his union base support, Trump is already on the attack about Biden’s lack of vigor and for looking too old. Even though Biden possibly has the best chance to win back these industrial blue collar swing states, the 20 other Democrats running for president will continue to say that Biden does not represent today’s Democratic Party. He was their Vice President just 3 years ago.

Biden appears to be on a Trump Hunt, more focused on a “Big Kahuna vs Big Kahuna Strategy” against Trump while trying to keep his 20 DNC competitors off the front page. That might work for a while but once the Democratic debates arrive, he will have to deal directly with his own party.

Will Biden be confronted about his possible involvement in Ukraine on behalf of his son? Hillary was able to keep the mainstream press uninterested in most of her malfeasance during the whole 2016 election, announcing policy positions while constantly attacking Trump. It appears Biden is using Hillary road map but he has way too many real primary contenders to stay unblemished by his own field.

Trump’s strategy is to foment dissent within the Democratic Party by advocating for Bernie Sanders, a candidate he’d prefer to run against (over Biden). Trump is stoking concerns among avid Bernie supporters that the DNC will once again attempt to block their candidate.

Source: Real Clear Politics

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Robert Martin (CN Staff)

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