Is Elizabeth Warren Making a Presidential Move?

Our article on April 27 had Senator Elizabeth Warren (D) on April 27 fifth among Democratic primary candidates at 6.3%. Today the Real Clear Politics Poll has her in third place at 8.8%.  It appears she flipped places with Senator Kamala Harris (D) who was in 3rd who is now polling in 5th during the same time frame.

Warren, out of the vast number of candidates running for president in 2020, has the most ideas and is the most policy driven–such as breaking up Big Tech and protecting public lands. She appears to be the Democratic Party’s  “academia candidate.”

(Photo: Warren Campaign)

She had a few missteps at the beginning of her campaign, such as when she released her DNA showing she had as much Native American ancestry as most people living in the US. This suggested her prestigious teaching position at Harvard Law School may have been attained using questionable affirmative action tactics.

Right after Warren launch her presidential campaign she pledge not to host big-money fundraisers or solicit donations from wealthy donors. Her finance director then resigned after over internal disagreement, but Warren was able to move $10 million over from her Senate Campaign and raise an additional $6 million dollars from donors. That puts her well behind the $18.2 million Bernie Sanders raised but ahead of Kamala Harris who raised $12 million. This is enough funding for her to stay in the nomination fight for some time.

Elizabeth Warren has proven she has the ability to recover from significant missteps. With so many contenders for the Democratic nomination, this might be a fight of attrition, and every candidate will likely have missteps. President Donald Trump (R) has proven that recovering after missteps is a real skill and possibly a prerequisite for the next real general election battle.

Warren’s best strength may be her public speaking skills and her ability to articulate and defend her strong policies proposals. Perhaps only Bernie Sanders is better in a public forum.

Source: RealClearPolitics

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Robert Martin (CN Staff)

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