French Rappers To Fight in the Octagon

  • Rappers Booba and Kaaris to Fight in Octagon
  • History of their Disagreement
  • Fight in the Orly Airport in Paris
  • Social Media Antagonizing
  • Plans for the MMA Octagon Fight

French Rap is one of the largest music markets in the entire world, leading the charts in France and much of Africa. Two of the largest faces in the industry have announced they will face each other in the MMA Octagon. Ellie “Booba” Yaffa is a French Rapper who is from Algerian, French, and Chinese ancestry. He is marveled by many to be the most famous and influential rapper in all of France. One of the leading French Rappers following “Booba” is a rapper by the name of Okou”Kaaris”Gnakouri , who is originally from the Ivory Coast in Africa. Booba challenged Kaaris to a fight in the Octagon over Christmas, after much back and forth or Social Media, they have decided to fight towards the end of 2019 in Brussels, Belgium.

In 2013, Booba had a strong hold over the entire French Rap Industry. But he helped a lesser known rapper to gain a name for himself by doing a featuring in his song. This young rapper he helped out had the stage name of Kaaris. The song titled “Kalash” ended up being one of the most famous in both Booba and Kaaris’s careers. However, soon there was a fallout between the two rappers over a dispute about backing up another friend in a disagreement.

The conflict between the two rappers was strictly online back and forth until August 1st, 2018. Booba and Kaaris just so happened were both at the Orly Airport in Paris boarding the same plane for Barcelona. Kaaris approached Booba with his respective entourage in a threatening manor at the airport terminal. This resulted in a major brawl at the airport with about half a dozen members on each side of the conflict. This made international news due the major relevance of these two members in French Rap. They both spent about three weeks in jail, until they paid fines and were released. Some of their entourage members remain in jail until this day.

Since both rappers were arrested quickly by the airport police, it resulted in them not having a conclusion to their fight. Over the next couple of weeks there was major social media back and forth between Booba and Kaaris. On December 28, 2018 Booba challenged Kaaris to a MMA Octagon fight over a Instagram video. This was one of the most trending and popular topics for weeks in all of France. It resulted in french comedians and social media personality’s such as Mohammad Henni and Donovan Flanigan to make parodies of the video. This brought even more buzz and enthusiasm for the fight to occur.

After days of silence from Kaaris, he finally accepted to take part in a MMA Octagon fight. The original plan was for the fight to take place April 20th, 2019 in Brussels, Belgium. However, they both agreed that they wanted more time for training before the fight. So the new planned time will be sometime in September, 2019. There is no doubt that this will be one of the most talked about and anticipated fights in France and around the world in 2019.

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