Three Billionaires that Wanted to Be the Next President are No Longer Campaigning

Can anyone find Howard Schultz ?

President Donald Trump (R) is a billionaire who ran, won the Republican nomination and became president without any political experience. This gave a lot of other egocentric billionaires the idea that they could become president too:

  1. Howard Schultz, former CEO of Starbucks, running as an Independent.
  2. Former Independent New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg running as a Democrat.
  3. Hedge Fund manager, environmental activist and Democrat Tom Steyer.

All three billionaires looking to run for President in 2020 have so far failed to announce, with the two most prominent (Schulz and Bloomberg) taken out by the very successful early launch of former Vice President Joe Biden (D).

Michael Bloomberg (Photo: Cover of his 2019 book)

Possibly the best know is former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg (I) both a billionaire businessman and a three-term Mayor of New York. Mr. Bloomberg’s decision came just days before Joe Biden let it slip that he would be running for president. Bloomberg’s camp correctly identified the long odds he would face as a moderate in a crowded race with an aggressive Left attacking his wealth and his recent party switch. Biden and Bloomberg would have been in the same moderate lane as Democrats.

Tom Steyer (Photo: LinkedIn)

Billionaire activist Tom Steyer was the first candidate to bow out on January 9, 2019 before many of the 2020 Democrats even launched their campaigns. Many believed he used his candidacy and money as a platform to attack Donald Trump and push for impeachment. He was never consider a serious presidential candidate by the media.

Howard Schultz is well known as the man who made his billions running the very successful Starbucks coffee company. Schulz is still officially “testing the waters” but we all know that he’s pulled the plug, just not officially.  Instead of updating us this summer he has delayed his announcement until possibly 2020, when he claims he will make the final discussion.

Howard Schultz (Photo: Cover of his 2019 book)

His camping has stop tweeting; his last tweet was on April 29th, three days after former Vice President Joe Biden (D) entered the presidential race. Just like Mr. Bloomberg, Schultz found the moderate Democrat lane too crowded.

Schulz strategy appears to be to let Biden run with no interference and wait, lurking in the shadows, in case Biden fails. According to his campaign website Mr Schulz has not made a public speech, or held a meeting, in the last four weeks and has none on his scheduled.

He was scheduled to appear at the NationSwell Summit on Solutions in San Francisco, to visit voters in Utah, and to attend the EarthX Energy Expo in Dallas. However, all three of those appearances were cancelled.  His last public appearance was in Arizona talking about the economy and border security in late April.

So, let’s say goodbye to the billionaire Democrats and take a moment to recognize how truly difficult it is to run for president (and win) with no political experience as Donald Trump did. We’re less than 15 months away from the Democratic convention and they haven’t even started the debates yet.

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