LGBT Activist and Actor Addison Perry-Franks Running for Texas House of Representatives in 2020

  • Let's put the US back in the USA.
  • "I believe all Texans and Individuals, are equal."

A Snyder Texas LGBT activist, actress, and transgender small business owner has put her bid in for election in 2020. Addison “Addy” Perry-Franks has announced that she is running for District 83 of the Texas House of Representatives. She wants to make a difference for her district, the State of Texas and for the USA. Her slogan “Let’s put the US back in the USA,” stand for equality, and people standing together to support equal rights for LGBT, minorities, people from all religions and nationalities.

In her announcement speech, Perry-Franks said she is running for the people, she will be a honest, loyal and dependable candidate.

Her voice can make a difference!

Find out more about her at:


Campaign Page :



Primary 3/3/2020

General Election 11/3/2020

Addison will fight for you!

Addy Perry Franks will be the change this district needs, if you want to support her campaign.

Addy will oppose any bills on these topics:

  • LGBT inequality
  • Abortion bans
  • Unequal pay for women
  • Higher Taxes
  • or any bill that is not fair for district 83 and Texas.

“I believe all Texans and Individuals, are equal. No matter what gender, sex, race, religion, all people are equal, and I will stand for LGBT rights/equality, minorities rights, women’s rights, and pro choice rights.”

Franks is also documenting her run for office in a film biography that will detail her struggles to fit in with society among the LGBT Community, her struggles to be accepted, and her run for Texas House of Representatives in 2020.

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Addison Perry-Franks

Addison Perry-Franks is a proud Texan and Scurry County resident, active in her community. She has built a thriving small business that has successfully delivered IT solutions to national retail chains since 2008. She came out as transgender in May 2018 and has been happily married to her wife, Lacey for 11 years.  They have five children. 

Addison is also running in 2020 for Texas House of Representatives, District 83.

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