Trump Starts UK Trip with Tweet Against London’s Mayor

  • US President Donald Trump has arrived in the UK for his three-day state visit.
  • He will meet with U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May
  • Trump may also meet former British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson.

US President Donald Trump has landed in London today. On his state visit, he wants to meet with, among others, Queen Elizabeth II and Prime Minister May. Shortly before Air Force One landed at Stansted Airport, Trump tweeted about London’s mayor.

Audience with the Queen

The focus today for Trump is on ceremonies for his honor. First, he and his wife Melania arrived at Buckingham Palace and met with Queen Elizabeth II. Later, the presidential couple will lay down a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Westminster Abbey.

Also, Trump and his wife visited Charles and his wife Camilla. In the evening, a state banquet at Buckingham Palace is on the program.

Trump visits the UK capital in the midst of the Brexit and government crisis. On Tuesday, he will meet with Prime Minister Theresa May, who resigns as the leader of the Conservative Party because of the failure of her Brexit crisis.

Among other things, it will be about a trade agreement between the two countries and dealing with the Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei.

Trump may also meet former British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson and Brexit hardliner Nigel Farage. Trump said before leaving for London, “They want to meet, we’ll see what happens.”

Protests planned

However, many Britons do not like the way Trump is honored with pomp and military. During the Trump visit, major protests are planned in London.

Already in the run-up to the trip, Trump caused a stir with two interviews. In it, he made it clear that he supports Johnson in the race for Mays succession and indirectly spoke in favor of a hard Brexit. Labor opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn accused Trump of “unacceptable interference” in Britain’s internal affairs.

London’s mayor Twitter attack 

London Mayor, Sadiq Khan criticized Trump on Sunday in a newspaper column. He accused Trump of overcoming the “ideals on which America was founded – equality, freedom, and religious freedom.” Trump is also one of the “most outrageous examples” of the growing worldwide political rights threat, Khan said.

As a result, the US president attacked the Labor politician on Twitter: “He is a stone cold loser.” Trump said Khan’s tenure has been a “total failure, which should focus on crime in London, not on me.” Trump continued that according to all he hears, Khan done a terrible job as Mayor of London, was nasty to the President of the United States, “by far the UK’s most important ally.”

The US President added that he was still looking forward to his visit to  UK. He wants to be Britain’s “good friend.”

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