Women’s World Cup: FIFA Wants to Expand From 24 to 32

  • Could the Women's World Cup experience the same inflation as its male equivalent?
  • The Swiss said it was in favor of enlarging the Women's World Cup from 24 to 32 teams by 2023.
  • Le Graet wants to see Womens World Cup "every two years."

The 2019 World Cup in France has been the “Best Women’s World Cup in History,” FIFA President Gianni Infantino said today.

Could the Women’s World Cup experience the same inflation as its male equivalent? Two days away from the US – Netherlands final in Lyon on Sunday (5 pm), Gianni Infantino, the FIFA president, said he was in favor of extending the format of the competition from 24 to 32 teams as soon as possible.

The FIFA Women’s World Cup is an international football competition contested by the senior women’s national teams of the members of Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), the sport’s international governing body. The competition has been held every four years since 1991.

The 2023 edition has not yet designated a host country. “We must not waste time. You have to work, nothing is impossible. If we look at the success of this World Cup (in France), we must see even bigger,” said the FIFA boss. “There will be a before and after,” said the boss of the world football in Lyon, two days before the final. This World Cup was “phenomenal, exceptional.”

Do not waste time” for an extension to 32 teams

The Swiss said it was in favor of enlarging the Women’s World Cup from 24 to 32 teams by 2023. This is not trivial: in 1991, during the first edition of a women’s World Cup, only 12 teams had participated, before moving to 16 in 1999 and 24 in 2015.

Le Graet wants to see the Womens World Cup “every two years”

The FIFA leader wants to create a Women’s Club World Cup “from next year,” with large teams from each continent, just like the men, but FIFA needs to invest heavily. “FIFA has reserves in the range of 2.7 billion, we will take 500 million, which will be added to another 500 million we had already decided to invest,” he detailed. The idea is to start a virtuous circle “to grow women’s football around the world.” And, by the way, to capitalize on the billion viewers who followed this World Cup– a big record.

Under the tournament’s current format, national teams vie for 23 slots in a three-year qualification phase. The seven FIFA Women’s World Cup tournaments have been won by four national teams. United States has won three times including the last one in 2015. The other winners are Germany, with two titles; Japan and Norway with one title each.

“You have to invest to grow women’s football around the world,” the FIFA President said.

The FIFA boss intends to double financial endowment for teams committed to the World Cup, which amounted, overall, to 50 million euros, compared to the 2018 Men’s World Championship which cost 400 million euros. Amounts include bonuses for results, but also funding for training and preparation. Infantino also wants to double the amounts paid by FIFA to compensate clubs leaving their players to compete for World Cup.

Moreover, the President of the French Federation, Noel Le Graet, has put forward the idea as “personal” – and not on behalf of FFF – that the Women’s World Cup takes place every two years. “We can do a World Cup every two years, to have more matches, we are only at the beginning,” said the French leader during this closing press conference.

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