Smart Ideas: How To Design Small Bathrooms

  • Shower doors should be surely avoided.
  • How about having a mirror that goes across the wall?
  • Having a slider door is surely recommended for saving space.

Dreaming of a GSI bathroom, but have a small space? Trying to fit everything in a small bathroom is undoubtedly a difficult task. It’s a challenge to figure out where to put the sink, toilet and how to have enough shower space and, of course, storage. But an extra bathroom is always an advantage, even if it’s small; so here are some tips that you could keep handy, in case you are looking for bathroom design in London or have a picture-perfect modern bathroom design in mind.

Opt for a large-scale pattern for the tiles: Choose some tiles that have a large-scale pattern such as wide stripes, as that could create an illusion of an expanded space, which will look bigger.

Get a shower curtain or glass panel: Opting for a shower curtain or a glass panel instead of a glass door which requires space to open and close, is a much better idea. Even shower-tub combinations can be fitted into a small space, but shower doors should be surely avoided.

Mounted vanities: It’s not a good idea to have huge vanities going till the floor as that may look bulky. To make your small bathroom look bigger, mount the vanity above the floor as that would free some space for small items and not make it look congested.

Have a large mirror: How about having a mirror that goes across the wall? This would not only make your small space look much bigger but more than two people can also use it at once. If it’s a smaller space, then every inch counts.

Smart Storage: You also have to think about where you would store all toiletries like shampoo, toilet paper packs, clean towels, shower gel, and other stuff that you require to be in a handy place for your daily use. Therefore, when you plan your bathroom design in London, plan for corner cabinets or shelves, fitted niches, and concealed cabinets. Your vanity unit could also have drawers which can look pretty and help you organize your stuff.

Sliding doors: Smaller spaces look much more elegant and bigger with sliding doors. But if you really want to keep a standard door, then the only option is to swing it outside your bathroom space so that it doesn’t occupy space inside. But having a slider is surely recommended for saving space.

Go for a wall-mounted faucet: Having a wall-mounted faucet enables a narrower sink and vanity, thus freeing up more space in the bathroom. You could try a wall-mounted faucet even in traditional designs; it works very well anywhere!

Putting the towel bar on a door: With a space constraint, you could mount the towel bar on your shower door as that would keep the towels handy and would even save some space for you.

The tips mentioned here are simple to do and guarantees to enable you in designing a GSI bathroom or implement a bathroom design in London even if you have crunched space. So go for it and make your small bathroom look bigger.

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