A Direct Approach of Functional Medicine: Functions and Principles

  • Functional medicine is considered to be a new way forward, leading with the revolution of the future.
  • It functions differently focusing on the entire body of the human, with not only reducing symptoms but finding the root-cause of the condition, a person is suffering with.
  • The human body has an innate ability to heal and prevent nearly all the disease of ageing.

Functional medicine is a district medical model which separates from conventional approach. Functional medicine is something which promotes wellness and helps to prevent and treat chronic disease. Functional medicine doctors in Denver focuses on how your body works, they view each individual as genetically and biochemically unique.

How Does a Functional Medicine Treat Diseases?

Functional medicine doctors in Denver use a variety of testing to decide what kinds of treatments they might use. After having a full-fledged conversation with you, the doctor may ask various questions to know you more in detailing. Once the doctor decides on a treatment protocol, the prescription, treatment and medicines may begin which has been linked to the type of problem you are suffering from. He/She will not only inspect the symptom of your problem, but rectify and evaluate your entire body to ensure your health and wellness.

Functional Medicine is patient-centered medical healing at its best. Instead of looking at and treating health problems as isolated diseases, it treats individuals who may have bodily symptoms, imbalances and dysfunctions.

What Is The Direct Approach of Functional Medicine?

The functional medicine doctors explore the clinical imbalances of your body giving rise to your symptoms thereby, delving into the root cause of the problem. They move forward to focus on the factors and genetic tendencies which influences your health.

They leave behind the symptoms- Symptoms of your body are considered to be equivalent to the leaves of a tree. They are highly visible as an important indication of your underlying health. Imbalances are often categorized as following systems and process:

  • The hormonal and nervous system
  • Immune system and inflammatory response
  • Digestive system
  • The process of detoxifying
  • The process of transforming food, air and water into energy

How Are Root Causes Diagnosed?

Environmental inputs and certain genetic factors give rise to clinical imbalances which might turn into symptoms. To determine the root cause of clinical imbalances, a doctor may ask you various questions such as:

  • Are you getting the right nutrients and exercise?
  • Are you exposed to toxic chemicals or radiation?
  • Could you possibly have parasites (it’s more common than you think!)?
  • Do you have allergies?
  • Have you experienced trauma?
  • Do you have a healthy support network?
Functional Medicine is a systems biology–based approach that focuses on identifying and addressing the root cause of disease. Each symptom or differential diagnosis may be one of many contributing to an individual’s illness.

Certain genetic disposition may also affect physical, emotional and mental factors. The functional medicine approach is bit said to be different from conventional medicine approach as functional medicine approach clearly focuses on digging out the and unmasking the symptoms of your problem to fully heal from the bottom up for your long-term health and wellness.

The Basic Five Principles That Define Functional Medicine are:

  1. Functional medicine views every individual as different and unique- The personalized healthcare focuses on treating the individual not only the disease. It clearly supports the normal healing mechanisms of the body.
  2. Functional medicine is deeply and purely science based- The entire human body is interrelated and connected from one part of another. Accepting this fact, allows to see the functioning of the body is really deep.
  3. Your body is said to be intelligent- The human body has the capacity of self-regulation which expresses itself through the dynamic balance of your body.
  4. The human body has an innate ability to heal and prevent nearly all the disease of ageing.
  5. Maintaining your health is not the absence of disease but it is a state of immense vitality.

Few Integrative Benefits:

  • It treats the entire body of the patient.
  • Practitioners seek out the root cause of the condition
  • They help patients to save money on the long-term health benefits
  • Their goal is to learn about patient’s lifestyle, needs and beliefs
  • They provide options beyond pills to manage illness
  • Practitioners put in all the efforts and practice what they preach

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