Poll on Islamophobia in America; Since 9/11, 240,000 Dead, 320,000 Injured

  • Majority of Muslims lean towards the liberal and Democratic left.
  • Islamists organizations in the United States stockpiling weapons and ammunition.
  • Muslim group in the U.S. trained children as bomb carriers.
  • Extremists have progressed in attacking momentum over the last 18 years.

Islam is the third largest religion in the United States, after Christianity and Judaism. In 2017, a study estimated 3.4 million Muslims were living in the US, amounting to approximately 1.1 percent of the U.S. population.

Muslims in the United States come from varied backgrounds. A study by the Institute for Social Policy found that American Muslims are the only faith-based community with no majority race, being 25% black, 24% white, 18 % Asian, 18% Arab, 7% mixed race, and 5% Hispanic. Muslims in the United States are 50/50 native born vs. foreign born.

US-born Muslims also are more likely than immigrants to say that political institutions are unfriendly toward their group. For instance, most US-born and foreign-born Muslims say the Democratic Party is “friendly” or “neutral” toward Muslim Americans, but immigrant Muslims are particularly likely to feel this way. Likewise, US-born Muslims are more likely to say the Democratic Party is unfriendly (23%) than foreign-born Muslims (5%).

And while many US Muslims say that the Republican Party is unfriendly toward Muslim Americans, seven-in-ten US-born Muslims hold this view, while only half of foreign-born Muslims say this. While Muslims born in the United States and their immigrant counterparts share a pride in being American, US-born Muslims are less likely than immigrants to feel comfortable with their place in broader American society. Despite the concerns and perceived challenges they face, 89% of Muslims say they are both proud to be American and proud to be Muslim.

Many more U.S. Muslims identify with or lean toward the Democratic Party than the GOP, 66% versus 13%, but the share who are Republican has held steady over the last 10 years, including after the election of President Donald Trump.

So why is it that so many American citizens have Islamophobia concerns? It’s summed up in what they find that could possibly become detrimental to a peaceful society, and possibly be a future threat to their security and freedoms.

Since the attacks on the Twin Towers on 9/11, there have been 34,468 attacks by Muslim extremists groups around the globe, (not to be misconstrued with an act of war by a recognized nation), resulting in 239,211 deaths, and 319,816 injuries.


An organization set up for the purpose of keeping track of daily, weekly and monthly attacks by Muslim extremists has been accounting for almost all of the attacks carried out. Not all attacks are not reported.

As we look at the numbers given above, it would be hard to say that Americans are in dyer danger in the immediate sense. (But then it only takes one nut, with one gun or one bomb.) And if the enemy of peace is right under our noses….

It’s no secret that there are Islamist organizations across the United States that are stockpiling weapons and ammo. In some areas, so much so that local hunters are shortened in the availability of the ammunition for hunting game.

Recently, a compound in New Mexico was shut down after reports received by the authorities, and where a 3-year old boy was found dead on the property (add another victim to the number of dead). The investigation found that the inhabitants were training for attacks on Government offices, military personnel and churches. The group had been housing little children that were being trained as bomb carriers.

So, what is it that drives Islamophobia in America? Maybe it’s a simple matter of citizens watching what’s going on around them? Prudence alone would dictate that. Below is a list of attacks on people around the world since 9/11.

When a religion is forced upon people, where the only option is to adhere or die, then it has become a tyrannical regime made by man, driven by an evil means, and not a God. Notice the progressives here:

1. 2019 – (last 7 months) = 965 attacks, in 43 countries, 5,639 killed, 5,882 injured.

2. 2002 – 667 attacks, in 23 countries, 3149 killed, 6055 injured.

3. 2003 – 870 attacks, in 33 countries, 3279 killed, 6706 injured.

4. 2004 – 1115 attacks, in 37 countries, 7109 killed, 14,558 injured.

5. 2005 – 1863 attacks, in 38 countries, 7648 killed, 12,864 injured.

6. 2006 – 2778 attacks, in 42 countries, 15,225 killed, 19,484 injured.

7. 2007 – 3096 attacks, in 45 countries, 20,495 killed, 27,317 injured.

8. 2008 – 2207 attacks, in 42 countries, 10,717 killed, 17,803 injured.

9. 2009 – 2131 attacks, in 40 countries, 9172 killed, 18,612 injured.

10. 2010 – 2034 attacks, in 48 countries, 9258 killed, 17,462 injured.

11. 2011 – 1998 attacks, in 57 countries, 9098 killed, 16,926 injured.

12. 2012 – 2484 attacks, in 58 countries, 11,557 killed, 20,272 injured.

13. 2013 – 2833 attacks, in 48 countries, 16,797 killed, 29,596 injured.

14. 2014 – 3008 attacks, in 55 countries, 32,845 killed, 27,530 injured.

15. 2015 – 2890 attacks, in 53 countries, 27,641 killed, 26,169 injured.

16. 2016 – 2498 attacks, in 59 countries, 21,413 killed, 26,730 injured.

17. 2017 – 2045 attacks, in 61 countries, 16,387 killed, 14,362 injured.

18. 2018 – 1984 attacks, in 55 countries, 11,782 killed, 11,488 injured.

Total # of attacks since 9/11 = 37,468

Total # of killed since 9/11 = 239,211

Total # of injured since 9/11 = 319,816

We now have a few extremists in Congress, trying to force change upon our nation with their religious beliefs/systems and how they think the country should be run and governed according to their agenda– a mostly social left (far left) agenda. In 2010, only 37% of U.S. citizens had a favorable opinion of Muslims. While that number has climbed a bit, the distrust in the matter can still be seen.

These matters should be a concern of every U.S. citizen.

We didn’t invite them to share in our freedoms, just to have them try and take our freedoms and way of life away from us. Let’s be a little more careful who we are inviting in.

“Do not throw your pearls to swine, lest they turn and rend you.” – Jesus

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Maikali Gilagi Michael Clark

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