Ten Questions You Should Ask Before Replacing Your Water Heater

  • The best person to install a new water heater is a well trained and certified water heater installation professional.
  • A professional can get the job done perfectly and on time.
  • It is of high risk to allow an untrained person to carry out the installation.

1. Should I go for the purchase of tankless or traditional water heater?
This is a regular question asked by people who want to change their water heater. The tankless and traditional water heater are the two major hot water heaters and both of them are better. Be informed that these two types have their merits and demerits. So, for you to decide on the option to go for, you need to check your household and rate you use the hot water heater on a daily basis. Afterwards, you can talk to your plumber or water heater installation in Port in St Lucie, Florida about the cost you intend to spend, consumption capacity and a number of people. With this, you will be advised on the best to use.

In household and commercial usage, most North American and Southern Asian water heaters are the tank type, also called storage water heaters, these consist of a cylindrical vessel or container that keeps water continuously hot and ready to use.

2. What size of thank is needed?
The decision on the size depends on the size of the house or business entity. Majority of customers wants a water heater for their home which will not be a large size water tank. With respect to this, the decisions depend on the size of the household and their utilization capacity. Ideally, 20 to 50 gallons is the average tank size for households. So you can talk to your plumber as he will know the best tank size that fits your home after you provided the information needed.

3. Will it be energy efficient?
Recent equipment is more energy-efficient especially when you are getting the latest technology. The prices are always high though, but the value that will be received will be a nice experience in the long run. For efficient energy, it is advisable to go for a tankless water heater as it has more unique features of efficiency than the traditional water heater. Before making this decision, ensure you contact an expert in water heater installation port in St Lucie.

4. How long is the installation?
The ideal time for the replacement of a water heater is usually three hours on a normal operation without the unseen obstacles that can be encountered when installing. It is advisable to call a certified plumber to assist you with this. This will minimize the time-wasting as we all know time is valuable.

5. The best way to dispose of an old water heater?
Your water heater is an equipment that cannot be dropped off at any dirt point. There is always a need for proper disposal of the heater. Usually when procuring a new water heater from a reputable company. They might offer to haul the old water heater once done installing the new one. Your water heater installation Port in St Lucie can also assist you with this but might request for some charges while some might not. You can also sell it as scrap to make money.

6. What brand is to choose?
This is a key decision which needs some time for deliberations. Two things need to be considered before choosing your brand, the price and quality. It is advisable to see advice from your plumber on the best brand to choose based on these criteria and also ask questions. You can ask questions on the reason he is preferring a particular brand to another. In addition to it, the best practice is to have several brands for you choose and do not limit yourself to 2 brands. Do not be forced to get it by the first water heater installation Port in St Lucie also.

Water heaters potentially can explode and cause significant damage, injury, or death if certain safety devices are not installed.

7. Should there be a schedule of maintenance?
For your water heater to perform for a very long time, there is a need for periodic maintenance. Ideally, yearly cleaning and inspecting will avoid your heater from getting damaged. The water heater installation Port in St Lucie would have discovered some symptoms while inspecting which will be worked on immediately. So with this, the heater will always remain in good condition for a very long time except is there is rarely but necessary need to clean the tank.

8. Is there a warranty?
In most companies, there is always a warrant of about 5 years on the water heater and even the plumber do give a warranty on their work. If you procure a new water heater, it is rare for it to have a problem in the first few years. However, make sure you get a warranty to be safe for bad cases.
Some companies don’t have a warranty. So there is a need to confirm first before purchase.

9. What is the cost?
The cost of water heaters depends on the size and the type of your choice. The cost above is just the short run cost. A tankless heater is better as you won’t need to sort any bills in the long run which will save your money. However, for traditional water heater which has a low price. There will some utilities cost that is ongoing. It’s advisable to meet your water heater installation Port in St Lucie to explain both initial and the long-run cost before purchase.

10. Who is to install the new heater?
The best person to install a new water heater is a professional well trained and certified water heater installation Port in St Lucie \which can get the job done perfectly and in time. It is of high risk to allow an untrained person to carry out the installation.

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