Mass Shootings in Texas, Chicago, and Ohio – We Must Stand Together

  • Senseless Attacks on Americans as hatred motivates the killings!
  • Most of these mass shootings were motivated over racial hatred.
  • We must stick together, we are all human, and the killings, the hatred, the racial bias needs to stop.

Within the time frame of 13 hours, America had two domestic attacks on the American people.

  • The first in El Paso, Texas where 20 people died, and dozens more injured, among those was a young mother, while, shopping for party supplies was gunned down, shielding her 2-month-old baby in her arms.
  • In Dayton, Ohio, 9 people were killed, and again dozens injured in another senseless act, driven by hatred.
  • In Chicago, countless murdered and injured, in two separate attacks, with no motive.

All of these shootings involved assault rifles, and most of the shooters had posted on social media before the attack including racial slurs about immigrants and minorities. The violence in America against immigrants and minorities need to stop.

I would like to offer my condolences and prayers to all the families and the victims involved in these senseless acts against America. I praise the first responders, the police, the fire, the ems that responded, and stopped this from getting worse.

Everyone is also debating on gun control. And what caused the shootings over the weekend, in El Paso Texas, Chicago, Il, and Dayton Ohio.

  • The president blames it on video games and mental illness.
  • A House Rep in Ohio blames it on transgenders, gay, and lesbians.
  • Others blame it on mental issues,
  • And a lot blame it on guns.

My personal opinion on this matter is as follows. Most of these mass shootings were motivated over racial hatred. In a manifesto written by the shooter in El Paso, Texas he said that he had to clear out the immigrants. In Chicago, motives are unclear, the same in Dayton. I know hatred, racial discrimination, and racial bias. Often has a big part in this kind of attack.

  • American civilians own nearly 100 times as many firearms as the U.S. military and nearly 400 times as many as law enforcement. Americans bought more than 2 million guns in May 2018, alone. That is more than twice as many guns, as possessed by every law enforcement agency in the United States put together.

    The thing is we have leaders telling us immigration is wrong, we have leaders telling us that immigrants are dangerous.

  • The thing is we as Americans, we must stand together with everyone, with immigrants, with minorities, and with the disadvantaged.
  • We must stick together, we are all human, and the killings, the hatred, the racial bias needs to stop.
  • I agree something must be done about the purchase of assault rifles, while not infringing upon the 2nd amendment rights.
  • I agree that as Americans, we must stand and stop these senseless killings.
  • I agree that these domestic attacks on our country need to stop.
  • I agree together we must make a plan to better control the purchase of these assault rifles, we must protect our kids, our mothers, our fathers, our people. The people of the USA.
  • We need better policies to be placed on the mentally ill to not allow them to purchase a weapon, we need better policies for violent felons charged with violent assault, domestic violence to stop them from legally purchasing a weapon if they are a threat to others.
  • We need policies to restrict who can purchase a weapon like an AK-47.
  • Together, with education, common-sense gun laws, restricting access to assault rifles, and stopping the mentally ill or violent from legally purchasing a gun, we can better protect the citizens.

Over the weekend, four mass shootings, dozens of deaths, even more, injured. Without common-sense gun reform, without the people of the USA standing up and stating they want to change, this will never stop, we as Americans must make A stand and help protect everyone.  Write your congress rep, write your senator, write your representative, let your voice be heard. Tell them you want common-sense gun reform.

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Addison Perry-Franks

Addison Perry-Franks is a proud Texan and Scurry County resident, active in her community. She has built a thriving small business that has successfully delivered IT solutions to national retail chains since 2008. She came out as transgender in May 2018 and has been happily married to her wife, Lacey for 11 years.  They have five children. 

Addison is also running in 2020 for Texas House of Representatives, District 83.

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