Americans, Open Your Eyes

  • Americans, do you see who you are following?
  • Are we blind to the anti American Left?
  • We can't let hatred cost us our country.

I sit here watching the news and can’t believe what I am seeing. America, open your eyes. Yes, we need a two party system, but I am sorry, the Democratic Party has lost all sense of American value and pride. They have gone off the deep end and have lost control. Their hatred for our President is because the powers behind the Democratic Party had what they saw as a sure fire fix on Hillary winning the presidency, and when it didn’t happen, they or several of them have gone into lunacy.

Democrats take the stage for Night 2 of CNN’s presidential debates in Detroit.

Have you ever seen people of importance in the government ever behave in such a childish way? Excuse me, children on their worst days do not behave so demonically. It is as though the anti-Christ has found a home in each one of them.

What I can’t understand is how they can go home and face their families after behaving the way they do. Where is the loyalty to the citizens who put them in office to govern America instead of trying to ruin a president who has brought this country back to where we are all making a living? We want to work instead of participating in demonstrations and riots.

Democrats need to shut up about their hatred for another human being and start governing and working with the President as long as he is President. Then when they run next time they might have a chance. We pay them a generous salary and much better benefits than any of us will ever get.

Donald Trump directly condemned white supremacy and bigotry in the wake of a mass shooting in El Paso, Texas.

Wake up Americans and listen to what the so-called presidential candidates are saying. Do you really think they can give everyone free insurance, and a pension each month? How many people would continue to work if they and their kids each get a thousand dollars? Wake up before you vote. There is nothing free except God’s love. Someone will have to pay for it. And the Green New Deal? Come on, stop all airplanes and trains and autos as some are saying they want to do?

As for the gun attacks, as I understand they were registered Democrats. And the Democrats are encouraging the situation to make the President look bad. Please understand, we the people have to say this is enough and tell the politicians to get back to doing their jobs or resign. This nation is close to exploding from within.

Democrats are encouraging every thug, delinquent, and idiot who wants everything for nothing. Americans, this has to stop or it is the end of our freedom and country. Take time to think this out. We can’t let hatred cost us our country. God bless America.

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Richard Windish

I am a retired Independent Truck Driver and ran thru all 48 states and Canada and Alaska, with just over four million commercial miles. Since I retired I have written and published two books. One was a book on Salvation called (A Meeting in The Sky Will You be there?) and a fiction book called ( An American Truck Driver and Undercover Agent. I enjoy giving my opinion on the corrupt government leaders and the quiet take over of Michigan by a group who has as it's goal to take America from within.


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