Texas Rep. Dustin Burrows Caught in Scandal – Will He Keep Quiet or Share What He Knows?

  • What is Rep. Dustin Burrows' involvement in this?
  • Does Mr. Burrows listen to The Speaker (Mr. Bonnen), or does our House Representative listen to his employer, the people?
  • Bonnen has told Burrows to stay quiet about this. But isn’t Burrows his own person?

Recently, Michael Quinn Sullivan of the conservative group Empower Texans alleged that in a meeting that happened July 12 between him and Texas House Speaker Dennis Bonnen and Representative Dustin Burrows (R – Lubbock), that Bonnen and Burrows offered “press credentials” to Sullivan if his group would target a list of people. Sullivan alleges that Bonnen then left the room, and this is when the list was read to Sullivan by Burrows, which included:

  • Bailes
  • Reps. Tan Parker of Flower Mound
  • Steve Allison of San Antonio
  • Trent Ashby of Lufkin
  • Travis Clardy of Nacogdoches
  • Drew Darby of San Angelo
  • Kyle Kacal
  • John Raney of College Station
  • Stan Lambert of Abilene
  • Phil Stephenson of Wharton
Michael Quinn Sullivan is the president of Empower Texans and Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, non-profit organizations based in Austin, Texas. Sullivan has been called the most powerful nonelected political figure in Texas.

Speaker Bonnen then made a statement which read, “I did not have a meeting with Sullivan, this was a chance encounter at the Houston airport.” The next day Bonnen said, “I had Burrows as a witness to this meeting,” Contradicting his previous statement. Then Bonnen addressed Burrows to stay quiet about the situation, raising concerns among Texas House members, and the people of Texas.

Then Sullivan announced he had recorded the conversation and that he would allow certain Republicans and members on the list that were affected to listen to the audio with his lawyer. I have tried to get access to this recording, but since I am a Democrat, and not on the list, Sullivan is denying access to the audio. The House members that did listen to the audio recording confirmed that the recording verified what Sullivan had claimed.

Dustin Burrows has not spoken about these issues, has not made a statement on said allegations, and has denied doing an interview with numerous newspapers and media outlets.

While we as the public cannot believe which story is true, and most do not want to believe that these accusations from Sullivan are true, the people of Texas want to hear from Mr. Burrows, so they may have his side of the story. Yesterday, Bonnen sent an email to the house staff admitted he said “terrible things that are embarrassing” at a June 12 meeting with Empower Texans CEO Michael Quinn Sullivan and begged his fellow lawmakers for forgiveness.

Dennis Bonnen (born March 3, 1972) is the current Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives. Bonnen is a Republican who has been the Representative for District 25 of the Texas House since 1997. He was initially elected to the position at the age of twenty-four.

He now says he is sorry for the meeting (that he first denied happened) and that still leaves this question unanswered: What is Burrows’ involvement in this? Does Mr. Burrows listen to The Speaker (Mr. Bonnen), or does our House Representative listen to his employer, the people? Bonnen has told Burrows to stay quiet about this. But isn’t Burrows his own person? Can’t Burrows make a decision to make a statement without the House Speakers’ approval?

There are several conflicting and misleading reports in the news, brought on by Mr. Sullivan. Our House Speaker has made a statement. All that we lack is a statement by our own Representative for District 83, Dustin Burrows.

While we as the public may never know the truth, and most of us don’t want to believe that this story is true, especially with the history of Sullivan publishing misleading info, and spreading a web of lies to get what he wants, We The People of Texas deserve answers. I stand before everyone today and ask Mr. Burrows to make a statement, as we his people deserve an answer. We deserve to hear his side of the story! The people and all Texans are demanding Burrows make a statement!

I agree with everyone involved in this, that We The People ask that Mr. Sullivan release the audio to the public, and make the claim brought forth public, instead of hiding the audio from the people of Texas.

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Addison Perry-Franks

Addison Perry-Franks is a proud Texan and Scurry County resident, active in her community. She has built a thriving small business that has successfully delivered IT solutions to national retail chains since 2008. She came out as transgender in May 2018 and has been happily married to her wife, Lacey for 11 years.  They have five children. 

Addison is also running in 2020 for Texas House of Representatives, District 83.

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