One Letter Off Movie Titles – Just One Character Sets Apart The Good, The Bad and The Fugly

  • Most movie fans easily recognize their favorites just from the title.
  • Here's a list of movie titles which didn't quite make the cut.
  • What a difference a letter makes.

Have you heard the one about the old guy who tinkered with pop soda formulas in his garage? He invented one concoction that he liked so much he named it “6 Up.” But just before he could market it, he died in a freak Mentos and soda pop explosion. His family and friends found some comfort in the tragedy though. They’ll always remember him as the man who came THIS close to inventing 7 Up.

(‘No Strings Attached’ becomes ‘Sex Friends’ in Australia) Think these titles are whacked? Just have a look at how some movie titles get mangled when they’re re-titled for overseas distribution ‘As Good As It Gets’ in Hong Kong? Mister Cat Poop. ‘Annie Hall’ in Germany? The Urban Neurotic. ‘Deep Impact’ in Taiwan? A Planet Will Hit the Earth. How about ‘Pretty Woman’ in China? I Will Marry a Prostitute to Save Money. Hmmm… They might be on to something there…

It’s an old story. Thousands of failures that were just short of that one magic formula which brings lasting success, fame and fortune. And nothing is sadder than the Hollywood movies that were THIS close to being blockbusters.

They’re known as “One Letter Off Movie Titles.”

There have been hundreds of famous examples that stretch all the way back to the Silent Era and on up until this very day. Have you ever heard of The Gold Tush? How about The Great Brain Robbery? Girth Of A Nation? Didn’t think so…

Since then, there have been hundreds of Hollywood blockbusters raking in billions of dollars at the box office. But, for every hit, there are a hundred misses which, but for the placement of one crucial letter, could have brought their makers undreamed of fame and fortune.

So, here’s what we think might just be the best (or worst?) One Letter Off Movie Titles and the log lines that made them (in)famous:

The Men Who Stare At Coats: The CIA trains a secret group of psychics who have the unique skill of convincing their wives they don’t really need a mink.

The Beer Hunter: 3 steel worker buddies go off to war in search of the coldest beer in the world. Only one returns with all his marbles and body parts. And he’s still very thirsty.

Jurassic Pork: A well meaning scientist tries to cover up the fact that his hog farm theme park idea has taken a deadly turn. Will he roast for it?

Mortal Wombat: Three Australian martial arts experts are lured to the Outback to battle a fierce, hairy creature bent on destroying humanity. Starring Alec Baldwin’s chest.

Lawn Of The Dead: James Whitmore comes back from the afterlife to terrorize a suburban mall full of Miracle-Gro mulch fanatics.

Apocalypse Cow: Martin Sheen is sent into the jungle to bring back the bloated actor who used to be Marlon Brando for a remake of “A Streetcab Named Desire.”

HoboCop: A homeless man is brought back from near death to battle crime after technicians repair his wounds with cardboard strips from an old refrigerator box.

(Still photo from ‘Freddie Got Fingered’) Of course, screenwriters in Hollywood don’t need such a simple device to come up with a title which has nothing to do with the film. Ever seen ‘F.A.R.T: The Movie’? Luckily, it’s not what you might think. However, ‘Santa With Muscles’ is everything you’d expect it would be. How about ‘You Don’t Mess With The Zohan’? Of course it’s about a former Israeli Commando who becomes a hair stylist in NYC. Isn’t that obvious? Some movie titles are even prophetic. ‘Herbie: Fully Loaded’ takes on a whole new meaning when you consider Lindsay Lohan drove her career off the track after the movie was released…

The Lizard Of Oz: A Kansas farm girl gets bopped on the noggin and wakes up in a colorful world full of liars, tigers and bores. Luckily, she does get one good bit of advice: Pay no attention to the Iguana behind the curtain.

Schindler’s Lisp: The story of a man suffering from a severe speaking disorder who tried to help his fellow German Jewish citizens during World War 2. If only he could have found the words…

And the top One Letter Off Movie Title of all time?

The Codfather: An epic saga chronicling the rise and fall of a powerful mafia Don and his three sons as they battle for control of New York City’s thriving, but corrupt, mermaid filet industry. Will they end up sleeping with the fishes?

Honorable Mentions:
Star Wart
Taxi Drivel
It’s A Wonderful Lime
Ronnie and Clyde
Reservoir Hogs
Close Encounters Of The Third Rind
The Dork Knight
Some Like It Not
Dr. Strangelove Or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Boob
Ferris Bueller’s Lay Off
The Umpire Strikes Back
One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Vest
2001: A Spice Odyssey
Gulp Fiction
When Harry Met Wally

And, of course…

The Hound of Music!

What do you think? Do you have a favorite One Letter Off Movie Title?

Let us know, with a comment below!

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