How to Turn an Ugly Situation Into a Happy Time

  • The news is usually an unhappy program to watch.
  • All the Dems have to do is their job that we pay them to.
  • How much longer can America survive?

I always start my messages with the American Flag. It is a symbol of our freedom and the greatest country in the world. I also write about the good the bad and the ugly in our government. Well, today I want to write about happiness in the news. We can watch the same “you did this and I can do what you do better,” but lets look for any good in their ugly hatred. Tough job, but lets see if it can be done.

First we start with the Democrats saying: we don’t like Trump so he must be guilty of something, and we will spend whatever money is needed to find his guilt. Alright, I think that statement is funny by itself. It probably took a long time figuring out how to say that and not hear laughter.

Eh? Maybe not.

Friends we have to give them credit for not giving up. It is the same thing played over and over since Trump became President. We have to realize that a lot of their plans were ruined and they just can’t sit back and do their jobs and let the President run the country. He seems to be doing a great job of it.

All the Dems have to do is their job that we pay them to. Laws will be passed, the government will run smoothly and soon 2020 will be here and they can all save face and run their opponent against Trump in a dignified manner, and possibly they might have a chance to win.

But if they continue on their path and allow the squad to get a foothold in leadership, and continue to persecute the President, the Democratic Party will destroy themselves from within. Guess I did not do too well in keeping the news happy. I am sure if the left will resume being the professional people they can be, if they just do their job and let their differences stay at home, they could be the political leaders that we could be proud of.

The Democrats need to turn the crazy bus around.

Now would that be nice to see, the Democrats and Republicans sitting together and discussing what is on the agenda and then coming together as a group with different opinions but keeping what is good for America first in their minds, and then voting as they are led? Then accepting the outcome as finished and go on to the next order of business.

Any big business who let their leaders behave the way politicians have behaved the last 3 years would have fired every one of them before they ruined the company. Think about it, how much longer can America survive? Look at what the new want-a-be-presidents have come up with. Free insurance which would put a lot of people out of business and cost trillions of dollars. The next thing they want is to give every man, woman and child a thousand dollars a month. More trillions of dollars and who do you think would work if they are getting $4,000-$10,000 a month not working?

Then there is the green deal where we get rid of cars, trains and airplanes. Do you see what I mean? You are letting these radicals who do not have the brains God gave a mouse to make decisions for millions of people. They can’t do it. We need to encourage them to do better by writing to our leaders and telling them do their jobs and straighten the Democratic Party out for the better.

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Richard Windish

I am a retired Independent Truck Driver and ran thru all 48 states and Canada and Alaska, with just over four million commercial miles. Since I retired I have written and published two books. One was a book on Salvation called (A Meeting in The Sky Will You be there?) and a fiction book called ( An American Truck Driver and Undercover Agent. I enjoy giving my opinion on the corrupt government leaders and the quiet take over of Michigan by a group who has as it's goal to take America from within.


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