Hundreds Dead, Thousands Displaced as Typhoon, Heavy Rains Wreak Havoc in China, India

  • 32 dead in Eastern china, 144 dead in India due to heavy rains, typhoon.
  • 3,200 flights, including at Shanghai and Beijing airports, were canceled.
  • The state of Kerala, a tourist region in southern India, is among the hardest-hit areas, with a provisional toll of 67 deaths.

Thirty-two people have lost their lives in Eastern China due to Typhoon Lekima that has ravaged the region. The information was relayed by the local government on Sunday, while the monsoon has caused the loss of at least 144 people in India. In China, searches for missing persons are in progress, and more than one million people have so far been evacuated.

A typhoon is a mature tropical cyclone that develops between 180° and 100°E in the Northern Hemisphere. This region is referred to as the Northwestern Pacific Basin, and is the most active tropical cyclone basin on Earth, accounting for almost one-third of the world’s annual tropical cyclones.

Waves several meters high hit the coastline when the Typhoon made landfall on Friday night in Zhejiang Province, on the southern part of Shanghai. A landslide caused the death of at least 18 people in the vast commune of Wenzhou, 450 kilometers south of Shanghai, as reported by the local media. It wasn’t clear whether the 14 additional deaths were caused by the same calamity.

Sixteen people were still missing, according to reports by the authorities in Zhejiang Province. Local media images captured determined rescuers sailing on a boat in Linhai City on Sunday, whose streets were completely covered with muddy water. Local Chinese media also showed rescue crews retrieving people from orange inflatable boats as the sky began to clear.

In Zhejiang, some 300 flights were canceled, and ferry and train services were suspended with immediate effect. At the national level, more than 3,200 flights, including at Shanghai and Beijing airports, were canceled due to the Typhoon, according to state television.

No less than one million people were evacuated on the approach of the Typhoon, according to the official Xinhua news agency. More than 110,000 of them have been relocated to shelters. Lekima hit the coast in Wenling town shortly before 2:00 am on Saturday (18:00 GMT Friday) with winds of up to 187 km/h.

Floods hit India

Floods from monsoon rains in southern and western India left at least 144 people dead and hundreds of thousands evacuated, Indian authorities confirmed on Sunday. The state of Kerala, a tourist region in southern India, is among the hardest-hit areas with a provisional toll of 67 deaths.

Nearly one-third of the world’s tropical cyclones form within the western Pacific. This makes this basin the most active on Earth. Pacific typhoons have formed year round, with peak months from August to October. The peak months correspond to that of the Atlantic hurricane seasons.

“At least 165,000 people have been transferred to more than 1,318 relief camps scattered in fourteen districts of the state,” a senior Kerala police official told the media. ”Bad weather and damaged infrastructure made rescue operations more difficult,” he added. Emergency rescue teams, Navy and Air Force personnel have contributed to operations across all weather-stricken regions.

In the neighboring state of Karnataka, the provisional toll is 34 deaths. “At least 14 other people are still missing,” said a local government official. “We have rescued around 480,000 people, more than 50,000 animals and settled about 1,100 camps that shelter more than 300,000 people.” At least 136 roads and highways in the state have been damaged or cut by floods, added the official.

Rainfall has eased in the state of Maharashtra in western India, but some reservoirs in the region have received record amounts of water. “This is an unprecedented situation, added the manager. We expect the flows to decrease in four to five days if it does not rain any more.” At least 27 people were killed in Maharashtra, where several major cities have been flooded for several days, according to the local press.

At least 16 deaths were reported in Gujarat, the home state of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in western India, following the heavy rains witnessed in the region. Each year, India relies on monsoon rains to replenish water supplies, but they also have their bad side as they cost lives and destroy lots of property.

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