Trump’s Disloyalty Jibe – How It Is Received in Israel

  • Israel Today defended Trump for his remarks that all he was saying is that his administration has helped Israel and that Jews should feel loyalty not only to America but also to Israel.
  • As an American Jew living in Israel I feel great appreciation to President Trump for taking action to help the security of Israel.
  • America is a true friend of Israel and President Trump is a true friend of Israel.

The reaction in Israel to the remarks of President Trump claiming that Jews who vote Democrat are showing disloyalty to Israel was received in Israel very cautiously. Ynet Yediot a major newspaper Israel commented on his remarks: Israel officials prefer to stay quiet and not to comment on his remarks even though it is for support of Israel. Various Jewish groups distanced themselves from his statements.

The leftist Israeli newspaper HaAretz remarked Trumps disloyalty to Israel comments target his evangelical base, not Jewish voters.

The Jerusalem Post wrote: Trump clarifies I meant Jews are disloyal to Israel not to Him.  By this he is saying that voting for him is voting for the security of Israel. Trump has attempted to help Israel more than any President before him.

The newspaper Israel Today defended Trump for his remarks that all he was saying is that his administration has helped Israel and that Jews should feel loyalty not only to America but also to Israel.

The Times of Israel which is a leftist newspaper which is read by exclusively English speakers in Israel and throughout the world took the most negative opinion of Trump’s remarks. They write: Trumps disloyal jab may boost base; but not Jews.  It seems that The Times of Israel newspaper is against annexation of the Golan and even making Jerusalem the capital of Israel. There are leftists amongst Jews who were against these actions of Trump.  Many Democrats in America read the Times of Israel.  They may be worried about losing their support financially.

The New York Times showed their opposition to President Trump and also to Israel by saying: A President loyal only to himself uses my community as a political weapon

CNN Headline: Jewish leaders outraged by Trump saying Jews disloyal if they vote Democrat

National Public Radio writes: Trump’s disloyalty claim about Jewish Democrats shows how he doesn’t get how they vote

Aljazeera commented: Trump doubles down on remarks by saying if you want to vote Democrat you are showing disloyalty to the Jewish people and to Israel

AP unicef: Trump any Jew voting Democrat is uninformed or unloyal

Wall Street Journal: Trump says Jews that vote for Democrats show ignorance and disloyalty

Washington Post: Jewish people that vote for Democrats are very disloyal to Israel; denies his remarks are anti-Semitic

Time Magazine and NBC News also weighted in.

The remarks of President Trump should be clarified. As an American Jew living in Israel I feel great appreciation to President Trump for taking action to help the security of Israel. The strength of Iran frightens me as day to day I read in the newspapers in Israel how Iran is strengthening itself in Lebanon and Syria. Israel has detected and neutralized several tunnels built by Hezbollah in the north. They are supporting Hamas which is preventing any substantial relationship between Israel and the Palestinian Arabs.

I have many friends who are Arabs and I love them. They are the victims of a Political mess created by Muslim extremists who are teaching good peaceful Arabs that there can be no peace between the two nations. President Trump is working for America more than he is working for Israel. It is not only a Jewish issue; freedom in the Middle East is at stake. The only way to bring peace to the Middle East is through strengthening Freedom. Many Jews not only Orthodox extremists are against freedom. Jews in the past have been leaders of socialism and even communism like Karl Marx and Trotski. Even the founders of Israel were in the beginning socialists. Today Israel has left Kibbutz life. However Jews in America and Israel are afraid to make democracy into a vessel for world peace and unity.

Jews are the most national of all people. Their religion is national. Therefore Jews attach themselves to nationalistic philosophies instead of seeking Universal ideals. Nationalism and religion go together but God is one implies, one for all mankind as one world nation. Israel as a democracy with America is the beginning of changing the whole world to become the world which the prophets praised, “In that day God will be king in the whole earth, in this day God will be one and his name will be one.”

The goal of President Trump is a strong Israel loyal to America and he needs the support of Jews in America who are primarily democrat. Jews should become open to these higher goals like evangelists. Jews should vote for freedom. Israel today is important to the world and important to America. The enemies of America are the enemies of Israel, El-Kaida, Gihad Islam, etc. They are the enemies of freedom. Freedom is Israeli, it is also American. It has also become Russian.

Father Jacob was on his death bed when Joseph brought in his two sons Efraim and Menashe. Menashe the first born was on the right, Efraim on the left. Jacob crossed his hands and put his right hand on the head of Efraim. Jewish Democrats can cross over to vote Republican. The Bible gives permission.

Religion is important and President Trump signed to cancel the Johnson Amendment but more important to President Trump is America and freedom. There are many opponents to freedom and democracy. Trump see that Jews in America are afraid to stand up for their heritage which Trump feels they should be proud. Democracy without freedom is close to socialism. Jews have sometimes to go out of their way to defend Israel because they are Jewish and in Israel lives six million Jews whose life is in danger every moment.

No other country offers Jews dual citizenship like America. America is a true friend of Israel and President Trump is a true friend of Israel. President Trump is trying to strength Jewish pride. Some Jews are running away from their Jewish identity. Trump is Christian Evangelist partners in the holy Bible with the Jewish people. Some say that there were Jews on the ship of Christopher Columbus when he came from Spain to America. The Jews were running away from the Spanish Inquisition. President Trump says things and does things sometimes not only for votes but out of conviction. Very rarely you see President Trump giving compliments or making statements to appease people. People resent his bluntness.

In Genesis: 47, Jacob the father of the Jewish people was on his death bed.  His favorite son Joseph came to him with his children Efraim and Menashe to receive blessings. Menashe was the older son born before Efraim who should receive the blessing of the first born. Menashe was to the right of Jacob and Efraim to the left, like Republican and Democrat two sides. Jacob crossed his hands and blessed Efraim before Menashe.  Jacob changed the order or the blessing.  He crossed over from right to left. Jews are usually more liberal than Republicans.  But sometimes they can vote Republican especially for a President that is helping Israel.  Trump could have gone out of his way to help people who are a majority to get more votes. Jews are a minority in America and Trump certainly is not helping Jews to get more votes. His motives are that Jews and Christians both stand on the truth of the Bible. There is a share in the afterlife for Jews and all people that help the Jewish people who are a minority in the world.

Regarding Trump’s comments about congresswomen Omar and Tlaib, they have every right to favor Muslims just like Jews favor Jews. If they are Americans they should show loyalty to America which needs Israel to be a strong Democratic nation in the Middle East where there is a lot of hatred   America is their country. Are they representing America in the Congress or Islam? About Islam, Mohammed was successful to bring faith in God to a large part of the world.  He has a great merit for this.  But to call him the last prophet is a lie. The religion of Baha”i was founded by a prophet from Islam. He was imprisoned ten years in the Ottoman Empire in Acre for preaching freedom and peace. In each generation there are prophets who preach peace and freedom. The war of Islam is a war of ideology and not to be used to conquer the world. Islam is not the only religion in the world.  There is Judaism and Christianity who share the Holy Bible. The Koran can be for Islam their law like the Jewish people have their laws and commandments which is Judaism. The Five Books of Moses the Old Testament is universal for all people Islam, Christian and Jewish.

Jews are very appreciative to President Trump.  The Kulaver Rabbi a holocaust victim is a citizen of America and Israel.  He speaks in this video thanking President Trump for his help for Israel:

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