Two Drones Fall in Beirut – Tensions Rise Between Lebanon and Israel

  • Nasrallah has threatened Israel with retaliation for these attacks.
  • Israel is taking him seriously.
  • Qatar has been allowed to deposit their humanitarian funds in Gazan banks to give each Gazan family $100.

An Israeli drone fell in the Hezbollah dominated suburbs of Beirut and a second exploded near the ground.  The Israeli military has yet to take blame for the attacks. The incident took place shortly after Israel had attacked Iranian forces and Shiites militia near Damascus in a large campaign which Israel claimed was preventive.  Israel claimed that Iran and Syria had planned to attack at that moment from this location near Damascus in retaliation for the Israeli attack on Iranian weapon depots in Iraq.  Israel says Iran was planning to make this attack with drones which were stored in these locations in Syria.

Hassan Nasrallah (born 31 August 1960) is the third and current Secretary General of the Lebanese political and paramilitary party Hezbollah since his predecessor, Abbas al-Musawi, was assassinated by the Israel Defense Forces in February 1992.

The defensive attack by Israel was successful to prevent the aggression of Iran and Syrian from near Damascus.  It could be, but is unconfirmed, that Israel shot these drones in Lebanon as a sign that they were aware of this attack planned by Iran-Syria with drones and to show Israel will not tolerate any retaliation from its enemies. This was the first attack by Israel on Lebanese soil since the Israel-Lebanon war in 2006 which was started by Hezbollah when they kidnapped two Israeli soldiers stationed at the borders of Lebanon.

Hassan Nasrallah spoke Sunday and said, “Israel cannot attack in Beirut and still stay safe.” He spoke directly to Israeli citizens that Benjamin Netanyahu is playing with their safety as part of an election campaign and warned Israeli soldiers to be on guard that there is coming in the near future a response to this attack. He said Israel did a very dangerous thing. He said these drones were military vehicles and not commercial like is claimed by Israel. Israel is violating Lebanese sovereignty.  He cannot let this attack come unanswered or it may become a regular offense of Lebanese sovereignty.

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri described this attack as a violation and aggression of Lebanese sovereignty and a threat to regional stability. Israel has deployed additional troops on the Northern border and on the Syrian border in the Golan Heights. Israel is taking the threats of Nasrallah seriously.

In the south, after three rockets were fired from Gaza on the city of Sederot near the southern border, Israel retaliated by bombing several Gaza military locations. They have not blamed Hamas for the attacks but have pointed their finger at Jihad Islami.  Usually Israel blames Hamas for any breach of peace between them even if it comes from other terrorist sources. Israel has reduced their allocation of gas and electricity by half to Gaza in response to this attack. Qatar has been allowed to deposit their humanitarian funds in Gazan banks to give each Gazan family $100.  Opponents to Netanyahu have attacked him for allowing Qatar to do this in light of the recent rocket attacks.

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