Has China Reached Dangerous Levels of Pro-Russian Propaganda Against the US?

  • China's propaganda against USA
  • Overinflated statements pertaining to the Russian military capabilities
  • Anti-USA social media posts

China continues its anti-US propaganda using media, including the topic of the possibility of a US-Russia war and a blatant overstatement of Russian defense arsenal superiority in comparison to the US. In an article posted on SOHU (one of the largest internet companies in China) they claim Russia can overpower the US in the defense sector and that Russia is the only country globally who can successfully rebuff the US.

Image Source: Sohu.com

China suggests, if the US goes to war with Russia it could lose based on the Russian SU-57 Fifth Generation Fighter Jet created by the Sukhoi design bureau. Pavel Sukhoi founded the bureau in September 1939. During the Cold War, Sukhoi produced major combat aircraft including the supersonic Su-7, which became the best Soviet fighter-bomber of the 1960s.

The SU-57 entered production in July 2019 and is expected to be added to the Russian arsenal by the end of the year. The fifth generation refers to the post World War II design. The jet is a multi-role fighter, with the ability to operate in both an air-to-air and an air-to-ground role.

Image Source: Businessinsider.com

Sina.com recently announced that Russia is starting to work on a sixth-generation fighter jet. The Chinese internet company has over 100 million registered users worldwide and also owns Weibo, the Chinese equivalent to Twitter. Hence, they have a large audience and are an effective tool for any social media propaganda campaign.

The Chinese believe the new fighter jet will have electromagnetic capabilities to destroy enemy electronic systems, including laser weapons that can strike down enemy rockets. Chinese media is basing their speculations on video from the Zvezda channel, which they claim accidentally showed the new concept plane.

In reality the channel is funded by the government of Russia and given the totalitarian control of media, it was not an accident but a planned pseudo announcement. China’s media is speculating the formal announcement of the sixth-generation fighter will take place in 2024. Russia and China continue to work in tandem on their propaganda efforts, including overinflating the capabilities of Russia’s military arsenal and economy. This includes the constant discussion of Putin’s popularity in Russia and his military ambitions.

An article published this week is claiming the US will be entering a recession and predicting a further weakening of the US economy.  The article claims President Donald Trump is a global agitator who is hurting global economies. The Global East Money publication, using USA Today as their source, made another claim this week about the US economy weakening, based on data showing Americans working fewer hours.

Image Source: Scmp.com

China’s Sina.com published an article recently quoting the former chairman of the Federal Reserve, Alan Greenspan, stating: “You can see this situation all over the world (negative interest rate), and it is only a matter of time in the United States.”

At the same time, all articles pertaining to Russia and its economy are always overinflated with positive results and trade agreements from the same sources.

The agenda is very clear: negative propaganda against the US; use social engineering in favor of Russia and the demonization of the US.

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