Israel News Roundup: Missile from Gaza Interrupts Speaking Engagement of Netanyahu in Ashdod

  • Netanyahu is talking about annexation of the Jordan Valley which could interfere with The Peace Plan of the Century.
  • President Trump is drawing close to a meeting with Hassan Rouhani of Iran. 
  • Israelis have an average negative account balance of over $7,000. 

On Saturday September 7 two Israeli a boy 17 years old and his father were going to a dental clinic in an Arab village near the Palestinian town of Azzun.   A fifteen year old local teenage approached the two and asked is they were Jewish, then stabbed them.  The boy was seriously injured and the father was slightly injured in the attack. The Arab boy surrendered himself to the Palestinian security forces. The two Jews were rescued by the Arab dentist who they had intended to visit for a treatment.

On Friday night there was a rocket attack on the settlement town of Sederot after two Palestinians had been killed that Friday during violent demonstrations.  Friday which is a holiday for the Palestinians is the time when they are accustomed to demonstrate in number at the Gaza fence. The rocket did not do any damage except for causing a brush fire.  Two Israeli were treated for shock.

Netanyahu describes where the location of a disguised nuclear plant in Iran.

Netanyahu revealed to the news media a secret location in Iran where they are continuing to develop Nuclear weapons. He claimed that Iran had destroyed the old site and transferred all the equipment to a new site which he pointed to on the map.  John Bolton made a statement afterwards “Iran may be concealing nuclear material and or activities.” President Trump is drawing close to a meeting with Hassan Rouhani of Iran.  Netanyahu made this publication in opposition to the meeting between the two.  There is tension in the White House over the future meeting between Donald Trump and Rouhani which caused later this week for John Bolton to retire from his position. This information about Iran was part of the smuggled nuclear records that were removed from Iran before Trump cancelled the nuclear deal.

On Wednesday afternoon another three Gaza rockets were shot at southern communities during school hours. The troops responded with Tank artillery fire. No one was injured. The rocket fired from Gaza struck the garden of a family home in Ashkelon. The air force then bombed 15 terrorist centers in Gaza. Prime Minister Netanyahu at the time of the siren alerts was giving a campaign speech in Ashdod.  The sirens were heard in Ashdod and his security assistants took him out of the auditorium to a bomb shelter nearby.  It seems that the terrorists chose that moment when Netanyahu was in close range to fire precision missiles toward Ashdod.  The Iron dome defense system intercepted the missiles.

Arab leaders have condemned statements by Netanyahu about annexation of the Jordan Valley if he wins reelection. Saudi Arabia release an official statement denouncing these remarks. About 65,000 Palestinians and 11,000 Israelis live in this areas. The main Palestinian city in the area is Jericho. Saudi Arabia and other Arab nations claimed that these statement were jeopardizing a peace agreement and negotiations in the near future.

The latest statistics show that there has been a 60% increase in Israeli settlement construction in East Jerusalem in the first two years of President Trump. There were 21,834 building permits issued to Israelis and 9,536 to Palestinians. The Peace Now movement in Israel is using this to defend Palestinian interests in Jerusalem and the territories to claim they are not receiving equal rights. Peace Now is claiming that Israel has, on many occasions, denied Palestinian residents the right to build in East Jerusalem.

The origin of the name “shekel” is from the ancient biblical currency by the same name. Shekel is any of several ancient units of weight or of currency in ancient Israel. Initially, it may have referred to a weight of barley. In ancient Israel, the shekel was known to be about 180 grains (11 grams or .35 troy ounces).

Israelis have an average negative account balance of over $7,000.  This means although they are being given credit in the banks they are having difficulties clearing their minus which sometimes requires them to take more loans. Banks give Israelis credit according to their earning capacity.  The banks issue credit cards in which loans go into the monthly bank account which may add to the minus of the account if their salaries do not cover the spending. Eventually this can result in the bank or debtors requiring immediate payment and law suits.  In Israel debts are not allowed to be ignored and the banks or creditors can make a lawsuit through the government agency for collection of debts. The government agency is called Hotwaot HaPoel which means literarily rapid collection. When these debts are given over for collection by the government agency additional penalties can be added. Israelis have to watch their expenses carefully to avoid being taken to the government agency by their creditors which can freeze their accounts. Many Israelis live beyond their means.

The Party of Blue-White is criticizing Netanyahu for his inability to stop missile attacks from the Gaza strip. This week before the elections already has been several missiles shot at Israel from Gaza– one that interrupted the speaking engagement of Netanyahu in Ashdod. Netanyahu in response is talking about a large scale invasion of the Gaza Strip to remove Hamas from power.

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