Body of Tob Cohen, Missing Dutch Tycoon, Found in Home Septic Tank

  • “He was bound (on) legs, hands, and neck before he was murdered and then they hid him in an underground water tank. They took their time.”
  • Mr. Cohen's wife, Sara Wairimu was arrested a few days after Cohen's disappearance, and she is still held in police custody
  • Wairimu first claimed Cohen went to Thailand for medical treatment, but since changed her story.

The body of the Kenyan based Dutch tycoon, Tob Cohen, who went missing some days ago, has been found in his Nairobi home, thrown in a septic tank, rotting. Kenya’s director of criminal investigations, George Kinoti, has confirmed that the body had been dumped in the septic tank in Cohen’s home in Nairobi’s Kitisuru estate.

Tob Cohen immigrated to Kenya in 1987 as an employee of the Philips electronics firm. He went into business for himself in Kenya, launching a successful travel agency that specialized in golf safari trips. He married Wairimu Kamotho, 52, who was his personal assistant at the agency, in 2007.

“Cohen was, it is a gruesome murder, they took their time to kill innocent Cohen,” Mr. Kinoti said. “He was bound (on) legs, hands, and neck before he was murdered and then they hid him in an underground water tank. They took their time,” he added.

Mr. Cohen’s wife, Sara Wairimu was arrested a few days after Cohen’s disappearance, and she is still held in police custody. At the time when he went missing, Cohen, 71, had moved to court in a bid to divorce his estranged Kenyan wife. He had also filed another case in which he accused Wairimu of assault.

Went Missing

Cohen, the former boss of Philips Electronics East Africa, went missing from their Nairobi home in the period between July 19 and 20. Wairimu informed detectives that her husband had flown out of the country, to Thailand, for medical treatment. “My husband has not come home ever since,” the wife, Sarah Wairimu was quoted saying. Cohen hadn’t contacted any of his relatives, leaving them very worried and his car, a Mercedes, remained parked in his Nairobi home compound.

Abroad for Treatment

Ms. Wairimu had reportedly informed her husband’s friends that Mr. Cohen had left for Thailand in search of treatment, but detectives, upon further investigations, established that there was no evidence from Kenya’s immigration department records that the missing Cohen had flown out of the country.

Wairimu’s accounts of Cohen’s whereabouts were very contradictory. Despite her earlier statements that Mr. Cohen left for Thailand, she again went to Kenya’s Kilimani police on July 22, where she reported him missing and she wasn’t aware of his whereabouts. This fact raised further suspicions.

Patrick Kariuki Muiruri served in the Kenyan parliament for 10 years (1997–2007) representing Gatundu North Constituency. Muiruri also served as an assistant minister of Production & Marketing in the Ministry of Agriculture.

According to reports by a section of Kenya’s local media, four days before Mr. Cohen’s disappearance, he had been spotted playing his favorite sport at a local Nairobi golf club, together with a former Kenyan legislator, a Mr. Kariuki Muiruri, who was his long-time Kenyan friend. Mr. Muiruri told a section of the Kenyan local media that his friend, Cohen, wasn’t sickly, and that he was in perfect shape.

Mr. Muiruri, a former Kenyan member of parliament, had known Mr. Cohen for over three decades that the Dutchman had settled in Kenya. They were good friends who spent a lot of time together. The late Cohen’s body has been moved to a local funeral home as detectives continue with further investigations.

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