Revealed! Secret Mission of Israeli Espionage to Steal Iranian Nuclear Files

  • Without these stolen documents Trump had suspicions without any proof
  • Yossi Cohen described the operations in capturing these documents.
  • Sources close to Cohen say that these documents are being used by the Mossad in tracking Iranian nuclear activity. 

President Trump has not renegotiated a deal with Iran after withdrawing the United States from an Obama era nuclear pact. The two countries are at loggerheads following Trump’s exit from the international agreement to curb Iran’s nuclear ambitions in exchange for lifting sanctions on the Islamic regime, though Trump has held open the door for future talks. Trump is quoted as saying “If we could work out something that’s meaningful, not a waste of paper that the other deal was, I would certainly be willing to meet.”

With the conclusion of the agreement, then-candidate Donald Trump made the renegotiation of the JCPOA one of his main foreign affairs campaign promises, saying at a campaign rally that “this deal, if I win, will be a totally different deal.” Trump described the Iran deal as a “disaster”, “the worst deal ever”, and so “terrible” that could lead to “a nuclear holocaust”.

He added “If Iran demonstrates a commitment to making fundamental changes in how they treat their own people, reduce their malign behavior, agree that it’s worthwhile to enter into a nuclear agreement that actually prevents proliferation, then the President said he is willing to sit down with them.”

On May 8, 2018, Trump signed a memorandum after delivering a statement on the Iran nuclear deal declaring that the White House was withdrawing from the deal. Prior to this date Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu shocked the world when he delivered for investigation stolen documents from the archives of Iran proving that Iran had already violated the nuclear agreement that they had made with Obama. Israel intelligence had amazingly penetrated into Iran security and kidnapped secret documents involved with their nuclear energy intentions.

The story of how Israel was able to accomplish this impossible task– to steal from under the eyes of Iran these documents which showed support to President Trump about his suspicions about the plans of Iran to build nuclear weapons even after making a treaty with Obama– has been revealed.

Yossi Cohen was drafted into the IDF in 1979. Cohen is a 30-year-veteran of the Mossad and described as ‘able to inspire the confidence of his charges’. He ran agents in a number of countries over his career, and led the Mossad’s collections division (“Tsomet”). Cohen won the prestigious Israel Security Prize for his Mossad work. Intelligence reporter Ronen Bergman has written that Cohen has a reputation as a tough boss, that he speaks fluent English, French, and Arabic,[11] and is also a marathon runner.[12
Israel’s Mossad spy chief Yossi Cohen organized this dangerous and impossible mission to steal these documents from under the eyes of Iranians. Many analysts credit this operation with serving as the platform used by President Trump to withdraw from the nuclear deal of 2015.  A map of the nuclear sites captured in the operation has yet to be published. These revelations even go beyond those revealed by Prime Minister Netanyahu in September about the Abadeh nuclear site.

Yossi Cohen described the operations in capturing these documents:

First the agency spent extensive resources in 2016 finding the old site where the papers were stored and then following the files when they were moved in 2017.

Dozens of agents were involved between surveillance missions and the heist itself, making it one of the largest missions ever carried out by the Mossad. After carefully studying the security measures at the seemingly abandoned warehouse, they struck at night, knowing that this was a night shift when security was lax.

Neutralizing any surveillance electronic equipment and cameras that could expose them, they spent six hours and 29 minutes nabbing Iran’s nuclear files, which were kept in 32 specific safes that agents had identified before the operation. They used special torches that reached a temperature of 3,600 degrees in order to slice into these safes. Once they loaded these documents onto trucks to get them to the border, they used Iranian smugglers to get them across the borders. These smugglers were not aware that these were secret documents. How the documents reached Israel is unknown whether by air or ship.

Sources close to Cohen say that these documents are being used by the Mossad in tracking Iranian nuclear activity.  Without these documents the claims that Iran had already violated the Obama agreement would have no validity.

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