SOS! The Future of Our Civilization and Our Planet According to One Soviet Era Russian Scientist

  • Civilizations are divided into three main types according to the Kardashev Scale.
  • Decrease of our environmental resources could help sustain our civilization.
  • Environment concern has Soviet Era beginnings.

Recently, Greta Thunberg became a household name as a global climate change ambassador. However, dire predictions about the survival of our civilization based on the environment has a Soviet era beginning.

Russian scientist Nikolai Kardashev was a Soviet and Russian astrophysicist, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, and the Deputy Director of the Astro Space Center of PN Lebedev Physical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow. Kardashev, who recently passed away, created a scale in 1964 that is named after him.

Kardashev’s scale divides civilizations into 3 types:

1) Planetary civilization that can use and store all the energy available on its planet.

2) Stellar civilization that can use and control energy on the scale of its solar system.

3) Galactic civilization that can control energy at the scale of its entire host galaxy.

The Kardashev scale has been expanded, since 2008 to reflect additional possibilities:

According to the Kardashev’s theory, civilizations that can’t overcome the level of the Type 1 can’t survive.

Kardashev was also the first, during the Soviet Era to search and examine quasar CTA-102 for Extraterrestrial intelligence. In astronomy, CTA 102, also known by its B1950 coordinates as 2230+114 and its J2000 coordinates as J2232+1143, is a blazar-type quasar discovered in the early 1960s by a radio survey carried out by the California Institute of Technology.

To elaborate, our planet’s resources are being wasted on a large scale. The impact of technology and depletion of the natural resources simply could lead to the end of our civilization according to the Kardashev scale. A nuclear weapons race alone and Russia’s withdrawal from the nuclear arms treaty signaled the escalation of a global threat to our planet.

There are possibilities of horrendous scenarios unraveling in this century.

A possibility of a World War III (Nuclear War) destruction of our civilization on the planet. Perhaps the recently proposed moon colony could allow the human race to survive. The nuclear resources globally are uneven. The leaders in nuclear technologies on the world stage are the US and Russia. Putin’s power play and an attempt to change the geopolitical balance of powers, signals a possibility of nuclear war occurring, the only question is when.

Putin’s model of governance and global control closely resembles fascism. Consequently, the Earth’s resources would be depleted sooner due to any nuclear weapons race. The nuclear weapons would destroy our planet and deplete the resources necessary for the human race to survive. Thus far, the evolution of the human race has become destructive to our environment.

The second scenario is the rise of genocide and fascism on our planet and the resurrection of another dictator similar to the Third Reich. It would not be possible to escape our planet due to an Iron Curtain on a global scale and massive repressions and the worst loss of life in comparison to the Ottoman Empire— with evolved applications, yet again nuclear weapons. The resources of our planet would be depleted as well.

At the end, all civilizations become extinct. The more the civilization wants to destroy the surrounding environment, the shorter the life span of the civilization. The only civilization that can survive long is the one living in harmony with the environment. It is another reason why a human will not be able to go outside of the biosphere. The only way to survive, according to the Kardashev scale is to decrease the use of our planet’s resources.

Perhaps it is time to decide on the future of our civilization and the outcome of our planet? The alternative is to focus on the possibility of moving to other planets. Does our civilization have enough time on our planet to accomplish this?

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