Demand NJ Transit and Coach USA Driver Stop Killing Citizens

  • Things You Never Knew about New Jersey Transit and Coach USA transportation.
  • A bus kills, like a gun. Murder is murder regardless of what weapon is being used.
  • If these transit drivers go to jail, lose their jobs, pay the victims directly from their pension and have them pay their attorney fees, this genocide will stop.

A new PSA video from the Justice Transit Victims Advocacy begins as a soothing and calm image of a ship in the water. Then it unfolds to highlight the accurate rough pictures of New Jersey transportation bus drivers killing innocent victims in vain, which is an epidemic that the people in power are trying to sweep under the rug. The video has movie trailer music playing as you watch all of these lives being murdered. The bus driver death toll is dramatically increasing in New Jersey from 2017 through 2019. It seems sadly probable that we will see more incidents.

These massive killings are unacceptable, given that we have proven tools to prevent these acts from occurring. However, Bob Menendez is passing a law to protect the bus drivers…but what about passing a law to protect the citizens being killed by bus drivers. Governor Phil Murphy is giving Transit $407 million in new stations, tracks, positive train control, and to boost NJ TRANSIT staff. Neither the funds nor the new laws say anything about holding these bus drivers or train engineers accountable for murder. Nor is anyone funding a permitted memorial plaque to honor the victims, killed in vain by the transit drivers/engineers.

Pedestrian deaths in 2012

Pedestrian deaths in 2017

Pedestrian deaths in 2018

Is this the transportation company’s fault because they are hiring drivers with a bad driving record and violent personality with no regard for human life? Along with keeping the drivers on the road after killing an innocent person, there are bus driver assaults and provoked passengers or pedestrians not always the other way around. The prosecutor needs to step up and do their job and put these drivers in jail and stop covering up for NJ Transit/Coach USA because of political favors or nepotism.

A bus kills, like a gun. Murder is murder regardless of what weapon is being used. We cannot accept the human beings are killed by a bus and train as the new normal in our country. Our goal with this PSA is to wake up and raise awareness to the world on the horrible reality that our loved ones endure. Gone are the days of viewing riding a bus as being the safe way of transportation. This is not a carefree time, when bus killing violence has become so prevalent.

I hope that the loved ones who were victimized by NJ Transit/Coach USA deadly bus drivers and train engineers across the country will join Justice For Transit Victim and Deshon’s mother, Naomi, to make the promise to stop this epidemic. Naomi is the Advocate for Innocent People Killed In Vain By NJ Transit/Coach USA Deadly Bus Driver and Train Engineer. Naomi is the founder of the (DJCSF) Deshon Johnson College Scholarship Foundation that raises awareness on these matters. She is also the mother of Deshon Johnson, who was killed by a transit driver.

The DJCSF is a nonprofit organization based in Newark, New Jersey, who welcomes injured victims and family members whose loved ones were killed in the mass bus killing in New Jersey. Their mission is to prevent bus drivers assaults with a vehicle, the killing of innocent people, and other forms of train engineer victimization by creating a culture of engaged youth and adults committed to identifying, intervening, and getting help. For individuals who might be interested, let your voice be heard to hold these bus drivers accountable for their actions so they will stop hurting others.

If these transit drivers go to jail, lose their jobs, pay the victims directly from their pension and have them pay their attorney fees, this genocide will stop. Based on this video, New Jersey does not live up to its state slogan, “Liberty and Prosperity.” Where is there Liberty and Prosperity of innocent lives being killed by New Jersey Transit bus drivers and train engineers? Not only is NJ Transit hiring incompetent drivers; there subcontracted bus company, Coach USA is doing the same thing for the sake of money, not human safety. NJ Transit does not live up to its mission statement that safety is their priority, and Coach USA does not live up to its slogan “Driven to the best.” With this type of killing, there are no warning signs for the victims or notice to prevent them from being killed.

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Soullity Journalist

Soullity Journalist is an online media advocacy blog that raises awareness and shines the light on these senseless increasing act of legalized murder caused upon pedestrians by NJ Transit, and Community Coach reckless bus drivers that are getting away with murder. We are about social justice and love for humanity/human right. Quote by Dr. Martin Luther King- "Injustice is a threat to justice everywhere."

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