Greshun De Bouse Invited to Alabama State Capitol for Historic Proclamation from Governor

  • Greshun De Bouse is a global leader positively impacting our world.
  • Governor Ivey of Alabama makes history as the first governor to issue a proclamation to Greshun De Bouse for Disabled Veterans Day™.
  • Disabled Veterans Day™ founder, Greshun De Bouse invited to and attended historic proclamation issuance at historic state capitol.

Montgomery, AL – Greshun De Bouse is a global phenomenon who constantly “wows” us with her supernatural persuasion and global impact. Now, this unstoppable leader “wows” us again. It’s all so exciting! From the north, south, east coast, west coast, and every place in between, it seems all everyone is talking about is Disabled Veterans Day™– the awesome fundraising awareness holiday specifically for disabled veterans, and ensuring all their service-related disability needs are met with timeliness in a virtually hurdle-free process!  Sounds awesome, right? (Of course)  Well, its founder is absolutely awesome as well!

Just one week after accepting President Trump’s Keep America Great Rally text-vite where she showed support for disabled veteran efforts, Disabled Veterans Day™ founder, Greshun De Bouse, accepted the invitation to receive a proclamation for the holiday from Alabama Governor, Kay Ivey.

On Thursday, October 24, 2019, De Bouse attended a proclamation ceremony at the Alabama State Capitol to receive a Disabled Veterans Day™ proclamation from Governor Ivey, and pose for photos.  Montgomery is already a historical place. Now, with this proclamation issuance, Governor Ivey has officially made history as the very first governor to issue a proclamation for this extraordinary holiday and cause– Disabled Veterans Day™!

Greshun De Bouse.

The governor, dressed in white and grey attire, sat at her cherry wood desk, carefully positioned in the front center of the room, smiled jovially while signing the proclamation, and posed for photos with De Bouse standing to her immediate right.  Though she has received countless proclamations for Disabled Veterans Day™ from mayors across the U.S., Greshun De Bouse says the proclamation from Governor Ivey is significant because she is the very first governor to issue a proclamation for Disabled Veterans Day™.

De Bouse received a Disabled Veterans Day™ proclamation from Mayor Strange of Montgomery just last month in September for the holiday, and now the entire state is on board.  De Bouse says, “I was elated to receive and accept an invitation to the Alabama State Capitol for proclamation issuance from Governor Ivey. The Capitol is a historic landmark, and Montgomery, AL in general is a historic location. Now, Governor Ivey has made history with this Disabled Veterans Day™ proclamation issuance. I am glad my efforts are recognized and supported.”

Among those in attendance were America’s National Miss Alabama, Anna Davis, who happily posed for photos and expressed interest in working on/at Greshun De Bouse’s events, and who uses her crown and platform to advocate for epilepsy awareness-a cause De Bouse also is passionate about.

Greshun De Bouse is a remarkable young lady, created for a special purpose in our world. When asked how she does it all, Greshun De Bouse says, “You have to keep moving forward and persevere. Stay positive.  I just know there still is greater work for me to do on this earth, and I must be strong and courageous for myself and all looking up to me. I don’t have time to stop under any circumstances. I don’t want to stop.  There’s too much work to be done. I am often referred to as a global leader. Well like me, we all have to focus on the globa picture, and as I have stated previously, It is almost 2020-virtually a new world.  Order must come to our country.” #dvday630

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