Increase Sponsor Revenues with Mobile LED Tech Rentals in Oregon and Washington

Can you remember a time when Olympia Beer was the most famous thing about Olympia Washington…ohh the 80’s. Even though there is no longer that brewery in that town, there are still great opportunities to increase sponsors for your event in the Northwest with mobile LED tech. Having a screen at your next event will definitely tell your sponsors that you want them to be seen by your customers.

LED Trailers is more than just a rental company. We are the pacific northwests leaders in growing your revenue through LED Technology.

Whether you are having an outdoor concert, or a local fair/festival, renting a large digital display is a great way to increase your revenues. Your patrons will be captivated by the colorful changing video screen. Properly placed and prepared LED screens will increase your products sales, and potential customers especially millennials will be more likely to buy food, drinks, or merchandise if they are entertained while waiting in line.

Your sponsors will love the impact of these displays as well when they notice that the mobile LED has helped with increasing their sales. Customers have said that it really helps them feel like it’s more of an exciting experience when they see a rented LED screen at events. As there are younger millennials attending the events, this will be a great revenue opportunity for you as screen time is a regular everyday part of life for this generation, and the time has come that it is necessary to mold services towards this need.

With digital marketing being one of the most popular ways of increasing revenue options, this will be an amazing opportunity at your next event to capture new sponsors as well as increasing revenues from current sponsors. When potential sponsors see the opportunity of having their advertisement reach so many eyes at once, and actually capture their attention, the increase to the profits for their business will have them lining up to advertise with your event. They will have consistent traffic seeing their name and products which is really important to increase that profitability, and keep those sponsors happy.

One of the most important items for your sponsors after increased revenues is the onsite signage they want at your event. By providing this with the Mobile LED technology the excitement for their opportunities at your next event is huge. So why not try the new LED display screens at your next fair, concert, or heck, even a local superbowl party? You can get potential new sponsor deals and increasing revenue for you and existing sponsors at the same time. Just like Olympia beer, it is a classic that never grows old. Digital marketing is the next level of increasing sponsors and revenue for the future that is now.

One other thing to remember, and this is the most important part, choose your LED display company wisely. Our recommendation is LED Trailers. They service The Pacific northwest, including Olympia Washington, a great place for local events. LED Trailers is a Northwest leader in using LED Technology to boost sponsor revenues and food and alcohol sales. That’s right – They don’t just specialize in the tech, they know the business side of it too. So next time you are having an event in Olympia Washington, give LED Trailers a call and put their experts to work, making your event great and profitable.

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