The Land of Israel – Sacred Land

  • All Jews consider the land of Israel Sacred.
  • Jewish law allows Jews to live outside Israel but to live in Israel is always considered courageous.
  • Jewish Settlers in Israel refuse to stop building settlements even against Israel law.

The conflict which exists in Israel between the secular liberal population and the conservative right wing is partially over the issue of the sacredness of the Land Of Israel to the Jewish people. Jews live throughout the world and maintain their identity as Jews through their religion. There is an obligation to the Jew to recognize that their homeland is Eretz Yisrael the land of Israel; but not necessarily to live in Israel today.

The settlement of Yitzhar in Samaria.

There are some Jews who believe that even today it is an obligation for Jews to live in Israel based on the Talmud where it says that for all Jews that live outside Israel it is as if they worship idolatry.  There are other opinions in the Talmud which give support for Jews to live outside Israel as they have lived after their nation was conquered by the Romans and Jews were dispersed throughout the world. Religious Jews even lived in countries close to Israel like Morocco, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen, and Iran. Turkey across the Mediterranean from Israel also has Jewish communities.

Israel will eventually be faced again with a decision to make a peace treaty which will require land occupied by Israel after the Six-Day war to be surrendered to make a Palestine State. President Donald Trump is ready to present The Deal of the Century for a two state solution.

Meanwhile, Israel settlements are spreading out throughout Judah and Samaria. In a Jewish settlement located in Samaria, the IDF has had conflicts with settlers who are building new communities without Israel’s authorization. Their claim is that the Land of Israel belongs only to Jews and it is their right to make settlements in any place on their Sacred Land. Restrictions on building settlements is particularly difficult for Jews living in the settlement Yitzhar in Samaria.  They have displayed violence even against the IDF to defend their rights to settle their land.

Israel settlers confronting the IDF.

The settlers of Yitzhar have begun to build a community on the Kumi Ori Hill, an illegal outpost in their West Bank Settlement in which today only seven families reside. Israel is opposed to making this illegal settlement. There have been over 10 incidents of violence between the settlers of Yitzhar and the IDF.  The settlers of Yitzhar have bravely made this small settlement as a symbol of the right of the Jewish people to settle in their land.

The hilltop is often visited by youth from other settlements and from all over the country. Some would attend classes set up on the hilltop and begin to do farming and raising goats and sheep in the area. The IDF objected to anyone coming from the outside and visiting the new settlement and this often causes confrontations between them and these youth. Many of these youth have records in the police department.

Military tent set on fire by Israel settlers.

Even though the members of the settlement have banned these troublemakers from coming into their area, the IDF has been forced to deploy fifteen border police troops in eight hour shifts around the clock ensuring that only registered residents enter. Without the military protecting this settlement and other settlements they would be immediately destroyed by hostile Arabs living n the vicinity.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who represents the Right Religious parties many of which have families and children living in Judah and Samaria, defends the right of this small community to exist even though it has been so much of an inconvenience and expense for the IDF.

The right to make settlements is an issue which is determined by the Israel Court system and until the courts evict these settlers from living in their new homes, it remains their right to live there. This has been a tremendous burden on the IDF and the Sin Beit. The Shin Beit claims that this year they have prevented over 450 terrorist attacks.

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