November, Thanksgiving and Mixed Feelings

  • Thanksgiving is a day for family and also for being grateful for the good things in our lives.
  • November 13 is the beginning of the public hearings for the impeachment of President Trump. Pursuing facts and the truth is ultimately the only way that our democracy can survive.
  • The movie Cross Creek teaches us the important lessons of perseverance in the face of adversity and to always continue to follow our dreams.

November makes us think about Thanksgiving and the coming holiday season with all the mixed feelings that come with that realization. Thanksgiving is about family and gratitude. Many of us will be together with our families for the holidays and will experience all the joys and perhaps the stresses that this brings. Thanksgiving also reminds us of the positive things that we have in our lives. Although all during the year we may be thinking about how to make our lives more productive and happier, at Thanksgiving our thoughts also go to the many things in our lives that we already have for which we should be thankful, In America, many of us have much for which we can be grateful. Gratitude is an important and empowering emotion that helps us to appreciate the things that we already have that enrich our lives. I wish everyone a very happy Thanksgiving full of family joys and gratitude.

Roland Merullo (born September 19, 1953) is an American author who writes novels, essays and memoir. His best-known works are the novels Breakfast with Buddha, In Revere, In Those Days, A Little Love Story, Revere Beach Boulevard and the memoir Revere Beach Elegy. His books have been translated into Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, German, Chinese, Turkish, Bulgarian, Croatian, Slovenian, and Czech.

This month I read an adventure book “Once Night Falls” by Roland Merullo about the German occupation in Italy during World War II. What impresses me most about these kinds of true historical novels is the enormous courage that ordinary people show when their democracy and their lives are in danger. When we see and hear everyday on the news so many acts of cowardice and greed by people in our country and the world who strive to protect their careers and financial interests at the expense of others, and we experience the many acts of cruelty that uncaring groups inflict upon their vulnerable neighbors, we can always take courage from the fact that there are still people in our country and in the world who care about each other and are willing to risk their lives for justice.

The public hearings in the president’s impeachment will begin on Wednesday Nov. 13th. Earl Frederic Landgrebe, a politician and business man during the Watergate hearings is remembered for saying “Don’t confuse me with the facts”, but the most important truth that we all must remember is that facts do matter and are the only things that can help to clarify our thinking and keep us from ultimately losing our democracy. I hope all Americans will be listening to the facts on Nov 13.

I am a movie addict and I am fortunate to have Amazon Prime which means I have access to many wonderful movies. One of the movies I watched this month was an award-winning movie called Cross Creek. It is the life story of Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings the author of the best seller “The Yearling,” who dreamed of becoming an author and writing novels. She decided to change her life so she could pursue her dream. She divorced her husband and went to live in the small rural community of Cross Creek in Florida. This is the story of her challenges and difficulties and joys, and of her victory over adversity. The novel that she wrote there which became a best seller for two years is the ultimate American success story. It shows us the comforting truth that if we want something enough and work hard to get it, we do have a good chance of achieving our goals.

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