No More Lives Lost – Hold NJ Transit and Coach USA Accountable for Killing Pedestrians

  • What if this was your loved one run over by a transit bus?
  • Coach USA is putting deadly bus drivers on New Jersey roads.
  • A bus is like a gun.

Let’s Remember All The Lives Slain By an NJ Transit and Coach USA Reckless Bus Driver Video. The genocide on innocent lives will leave you shock by the statics of all the people killed and swept under the rug by New Jersey’s people who can stop this. In the 1990s, New Jersey Transit was riding high. It won a coveted award for outstanding public transportation three times. Even as recently as 2007, it won a leadership award from New York University. Those days are no more.

NJ Transit was an excellent transportation company that runs quite well. It lived up to their mission statement about safety is their priority, until the last seven years. Now it has been in constant decline. Today, New Jersey Transit is in crisis. The death and injuries rate has skyrocketed under former Chris Christie’s administration, and it continues under today’s Governor Phil Murphy’s administration.

NJ Transit’s concern about human life diminished at the end of 2008 under New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine. Once former governor Chris Christie took office, he took NJ Transit from the state. He put it under the Governor’s operation. He made it easy for anyone with a bad driving record, and poor interpersonal skills to drive the bus, putting millions of people’s lives in danger. NJ Transit started to collaborate with other bus companies through subcontracting their buses to Coach USA transportation company. This was all for the sake of money, not pedestrian/passenger safety.

NJ Transit and Coach USA bus companies are hiring most of these bus drivers with a bad driving record and deadly mindset with no regret for the loss of human life.

The deadly bus drivers should behind jail bars. In this image the model Marie is wearing the articles of all the lives killed in vain by the bus drivers.

The new policy of transit should read- “to be a bus driver for NJ Transit, and Coach USA -the candidate must have already killed someone with a vehicle, bad driving record, a killer mindset, and no remorse for human life. Guaranty, if you murdered someone with an NJ Transit or Coach USA bus, you will not be charged for murder. If you have a clean driving record or remorse for human life, you will not be hired.”

Regrettably, that is what is happening now. The statistics for NJ Transit casualties and injuries can be reviewed on available reports with the Department Of Transportation. What is shocking is the fact that NJ Transit and Coach USA do not care about investigating themselves regarding these massive injuries or deaths. Neither do they report all the deaths and injuries to the state like they are supposed to. Based on my conversation with the New Jersey MVD manager, every NJ Transit/Coach USA accident or crash that leads to citizen’s death is supposed to be reported to New Jersey State police so they can keep a running record.

Unfortunately, the information about these deaths in Bloomfield and other towns are unavailable to the media through an examination of the ‘black box’ transportation agencies are required to send to Washington DC’s Federal Transportation Administration.

On Wednesday, July 18, 2012, Deshon Johnson, 22-years old, was run over twice then dragged at the intersection of Broad Street and Bay Avenue by Coach USA Haitian bus driver 60-year-old Wilson Romaine, operating NJ Transit bus 709 in Bloomfield, NJ.

The Chief of Essex County Prosecutor Thomas S. Fennelly, Transit Attorney Michael Tuzzio, and Detective Mike Booker fabricated (said the witness stated) Deshon was hit once and struck by the back wheel. He then noted that the victim was banging on the bus with two hands while he was running after the bus. Contrary to the above statement, the witness told me a different story. The witness Helga who was sitting at the front of the bus, saw Deshon at the front door knocking hard for the bus driver to open the door. The second witness Tina said Naomi’s only child was not chasing the bus, because he was at the bus stop.

This fatality was investigated by Essex County Vehicular Homicide formal NJ Transit Police/ Accident Reconstruction Detective Vincent Nardone. Based on the information provided online dealing with Deshon’s case, the county should not be investigating a county incident because it will be considered to be a conflict of interest and bias.

The day Deshon’s life was snatch from him, the sidewalk had been under construction for about seven months. According to the article on Montclair Patch, the Bloomfield, NJ township people state they called the County Executive Joe DiVincenzo to fixed the area before someone gets killed. Like most of the political figures, they ignore the demands of the people’s needs and fix it when they want to not for the sake of safety. After Deshon was killed, the county rushed to repair the intersection four days later. Romaine was not convicted or charged for speeding when he advisedly killed Deshon.

If they county had acted more quickly, they could have possibly saved the guy’s life, as well as neighbors and friends who have perished. If the bus driver were fired in 1999 when he was convicted for speeding, Deshon would still be here with his disabled mother.

Unknowns to me, there was another person who died at the same intersection before Deshon’s death. Even though the lousy engineered intersection was the death of the other person, this was not the case for Mr. Johnson. His death was caused by a speeding bus driver who jumped the curb with a speeding conviction on his driving recorded, along with other dangerous infractions on his driving record and poor interpersonal social skills.

Romain is not the only driver who was not charged for vehicular homicide due to speeding and a detrimental driving record. You have countless other drivers who are deadly operating the bus and not being charged for vehicular homicide or assault with a vehicle.

The 58-year-old NJ Transit bus driver who murdered 10-year-old Alvin Maracalho was not charged when she killed him as he was riding home. Alvin had just entered the crosswalk on West Church Street when he was hit by an NJ Transit bus driver while making a sharp left turn. Maracallo was hit around 4:30 p.m. near the corner of Veteran’s Plaza and Church Street by a bus on the 166 lines in Bergenfield, according to NJ Transit.

There was another incident when a woman was struck by an NJ Transit bus 21 that was traveling from Newark to West Orange. Here driver was not charged.

You have Deshon’s friend and next-door neighbor Christian Noble Ross who was murder by a Coach USA bus driver in East Orange on Main and South Harrison Monday, January 23, 2012. According to a NJ.Com’s article, it said that the driver who killed Noble was on his cell-phone when he struck her at the intersection.

A female passenger on board the other New Jersey Transit bus 31 died, and no one was charged for her death.

There was another person killed when a Coach USA bus driver ran into the bank in East Orange and killed a pedestrian. Once again, the bus driver was not charged for assault with vehicle/vehicular homicide.

A NJ Transit bus driver ran into a car head-on, killing three teenagers in the crash. The teens who were murdered were 18-year old Tevin Campbell of Absecon and 14-year old Kira Strider and Amber Fernandez, 16. Once again, the driver was not charged for killing these teens.

The list of deadly bus drivers murdering innocent people goes on, and the bus drivers are not being charged for this genocide. This bus killing caused by NJ Transit and Coach USA is a severe epidemic.

The head people of the Coach USA bus company always say, “Safety is our number one priority.” As you see the article, it tells a different story.

Here is a statement by an NJ Transit spokesperson about safety: “Whenever a tragedy occurs such as this, it strikes at the heart of our top priority, which is safety. NJTransit is fully cooperating in this investigation to determine what went wrong and make sure it does not happen again.”

These bus companies’ spokespeople and town prosecutors always blame the victims for their demise and recite their great script. “Upon completion of our thorough investigation, there will not be any criminal charges or motor vehicle summonses issued to the driver of the NJ Transit Bus.” “This was a truly tragic accident. We pray the family finds peace during these most difficult times.”

In conclusion, if anyone, the governor, the town council, NJ Transit, the media, and so on is serious about making NJ Transit accountable for their negligence, it has to start with forbidding the agency to investigate itself. The lawmakers should pass a bill to hold the officials at the agency (bus drivers) accountable by issuing fines for allowing these bus drivers operating a bus with a bad driving record. Or withhold public taxpayer funds until Washington, DC, can examine the black boxes and the bus video camera with fatalities, and the cause of pedestrian death is determined.

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