10 Cheapest Press Release Publishers – Best PR Services (Prices are Included)

New low-cost internet press release models are often outperforming traditional high-cost legacy alternatives. If you wanted to know the lowest priced press release publisher with the easiest services to use, we have listed 10 services that are all under $100. Based on price per press release, these are the lowest 10 press release services that we could find on the internet, including price per single release.

  1. Top Media Service / CommunalMp.com $11.00 /release
  2. PR Services / Communalmp.com $12.00 /press release
  3. 24-7pressrelease.com $19.00 /press release
  4. SBwire $39.00 /press release
  5. NewswireNEXT.com $49 / press release
  6. EIN Presswire $49.95 / press release
  7. PR Underground $49.99 /press release
  8. Web2.0Ranker.com 59.00 / press release
  9. NewswireJet  $59.00 / press release
  10. PR Web  $99.00 /press release

We have heard that the top two in price listed above not only publish in Google News and provide top placement but will also soon offer publication in most of the world’s languages.

The cheapest 2 listed above for no additional cost also will include Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, English and more.

The post above are our the newest freelance gigs posted on Communalmp.com

Most services are not what they tell you. Yes they get in front of many online services, but the more your press release is copied, the lower your Google score. Google puts a premium on original copies. So if you are outstanding and eight news service pick up your PR News, that sounds great until you see that Google will rank each of the links as ⅛ of the rating of only one original copy. Thus you will get ghosted. We often could not find the posting even searching by the exact title.  With Google dominating news service (90% market share), ranking highest on Google news and organic search needs to be your focus.

So you’re better off having fewer links which helps you attain a high Google ranking. Also, without the benefit of being worldwide, you are having your PR posted on a outdated and very high-cost system.  So instead of paying $100 dollars or more for a PR press release system that is significantly outdated, we recommend publishing nine different press releases for the same money, and trying to get the world to take an interest.

The two lowest prices press release services work on CommunalMP.com, a platform that provides very low-cost gig services combined with Communal News— a very fast growing and now world expanding community-driven news service.  If you want to provide high quality gig services at a low-cost entry point to most of the of the globe, then offer your freelance gig services through the sign up at CommunalMP.com.

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