Holidays, Public Impeachment Hearings, Books and Movies

  • There are many holidays that are celebrated by different religions in December.
  • The impeachment hearings are continuing with many brave, patriotic and credible witnesses.
  • I explore the works of author Somerset Maugham, who has writtern many masterpieces and whose books have also been used to make many successful movies.

The holidays are here and they bring excitement, expectations and unfortunately more stress. We can do much to minimize that stress. We must strive to make our holidays good, but we don’t have make them perfect. If we try to compete to make our holiday better than our neighbors, we set ourselves up for added stress.

I did not realize that there are many holidays which are celebrated in December.  Of course there is Christmas, December 25th with it’s emphasis on faith, childhood magic, family and the important focus on “Peace on earth, good will toward men.” There is the holiday Hanukah on December 22, “The festival of lights” which is about miracles and freedom. There is Kwanzaa on December 26, a celebration of family, community and culture. These December holidays by different religious all share in the joys of family and the best impulses and hopes of all human beings. Happy Holidays to all!

Public Impeachment Hearings

Liza of Lambeth (1897) was W. Somerset Maugham’s first novel, which he wrote while he was a medical student and obstetric clerk at St Thomas’s Hospital in Lambeth, then a working-class district of London.

The public hearings of the impeachment of the president have started. We are hearing testimony from many courageous public servants of high integrity who value our country and are testifying in spite of the risk to their careers. On Nov 20, we heard from Ambassador Sondland, who testified that the president was ultimately responsible for the illegal policy that was implemented by his personal lawyer Rudy Guiliani and others that President Zelensky investigate the Bidens and make a public statement to that effect or they would not receive their military aid that was passed by the congress. We are fortunate to be witnesses to how our democracy works and how no one in our country is above the law, not even a president. I hope every citizen who cares about our country’s future will be watching and holding accountable anyone, no matter high up in government or how important they may be, who has broken our laws and put our security in danger.

Books and Movies by Somerset Maugham

The book I read this month was a little known book by the successful author Somerset Maugham, Liza of Lambeth, which I found on free Kindle classics. It is a simple story of a vivacious young girl who is born into the poorest class of English society and how that event ultimately affects her life and her fate. It made me realize that our birth, over which we have no control, often determines so much of our lives.

Many of Maugham’s best selling books have also been made into interesting and successful movies:

Maugham was a masterful writer who was able to explore the deepest and most complex emotions of the human experience.

Happy New Year

On December 31st we will be celebrating New Year’s Eve, another important December holiday– a time for parties and fun and also a time of reflecting on the past and planning for the future. I hope it will be a time of looking forward with hope for all of of us.

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