216 Murdered in 28 Islamic Terrorist Attacks Over Last Week, Down from Previous Week

This worked out to be 61 killed by Islamic terrorist attacks per day and an average of four attacks per day as well. This was below last week’s 261 killed with 48 separate attacks.

As Ramadan ended on June third it appears the number of attacks has declined, but this week we have seen one of the most villainous attacks in awhile, especially because of the high number of innocent children involved.

Boubou Cisse (born 1974) is a Malian politician, and the Prime Minister of Mali. He was a Former Minister of Economy and Finance, Mines, Industry and Mines.


This week’s worst attack was in Sobane Da where at least 24 children were killed along with almost 100 total deaths. The attackers are believed to belong to the Fulani ethnic group raiding the rival Dogon village of Sobane Da.

“All these victims of horror and barbarity remind us of our responsibility as leaders to reinforce and accelerate security…may the soul of these innocent victims of discord and hatred rest in peace,” said Boubou Cisse, who had just became prime minister after another massacre by Dogon gunmen killed more than 150 in a Fulanion village, causing the previous Prime Minister to step down.

Mali Declares Three Days of National Mourning for Massacre Victims

Mali, a former French colony, has been in complete turmoil as competing ethnic rivals recruit new members and launching attacks across the region. They French last intervened in the country in 2013.

Source: TheReligionofPeace.com

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