380 Injured, Including School Children and 162 Killed this Week by Islamic Terrorists

One hundred and sixty two people were killed by Islamic terrorist attacks with a massive 380 injured in 34 attacks over the last week.  The number injured took a savage leap with the knowledge that a susuide car bomb went off next a school. The number of attacks per day increase from 32 over six days to 34 over the last seven days. The overall number of deaths decrease but the number by a single event was unconscionable.

The most disturbing attack injured at least 60 children attending classes in a private school near the blast site where among the 180 people wounded. A massive suicide truck bomb exploded next to a school in the heart of the city of Ghazni in Afghanistan. This attack caused one of the highest child injuries reports. The explosion injured more than 180 and many of them were school children. The Taliban claimed responsibility and said their target was a National Directorate of Security facility close by the school.

This was all part of a continued attack on their own people. As a Taliban spokesman said, “We will continue to fight against foreign and Afghan forces until a peace deal is signed.”

This attack happen just a day before landmark Afghan negotiations between the influential Taliban and Afghans who have agreed to a “roadmap for peace” that could be the beginning of a path that puts an end to the 18-year-long civil war and US involvement in Afghanistan. It is hard to believe that the Taliban sincerely want peace when there own actions a day earlier injured and killed innocent school children.

Source : https://www.thereligionofpeace.com

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