4 Effective Hair Salon Marketing Ideas to Attract Customers

  • Post Photos on Your Social Media Accounts.
  • Ensure All Your Running Promotions Are Shared On Social Media.
  • Get the Salon or Spa Listed in Online Directories.
  • Keep Your Website Fresh and Updated.

Owning a local salon means you must be prepared to face and overcome a multitude of challenges on an ongoing basis. Common challenges include:

  • Making sure the clients are happy
  • Coming up with a fun and innovative company culture
  • Ensuring that you have enough inventory

Statistics indicate that close to 88% of all customers start by checking online reviews posted on directories before leaving the office or their home for a service.

Often, it will seem like this list just never comes to an end. But arguably, the most perplexing part of being an entrepreneur comes in the form of finding new hair salon marketing ideas.

You have to consistently come up with ideas you can use to expand your client list, generate more revenue, and increase your customer retention rate.

Having said this, revamping the ideas you are using to market your salon business is the perfect way to get started on achieving your goals. The following is a list of some of the useful marketing tips suggested by Epic Hair Brisbane:

Post Photos on Your Social Media Accounts

If you have not been doing this, then it is time that you started to. Your company social media pages and accounts provide you with a free marketing opportunity to promote the business using your own words. And more importantly, you get to provide visual proof via the pictures you upload.

Do not stick to just telling clients why they need to visit your business. Use social media to show them why. Make sure to upload all your masterpieces depicting the type of difference that they have made in the life of each and every client. These photos will also highlight the time, effort, and energy applied to help your clients look good.

For this, be sure to use all the big and popular platforms such as:

  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Facebook

Ensure All Your Running Promotions Are Shared On Social Media

Social media is not only an avenue to share pictures and images with your clients, but you also get to use it to communicate about upcoming promotions and specials. They may be upcoming or be already ongoing at your salon.

Social media are interactive computer-mediated technologies that facilitate the creation and sharing of information, ideas, career interests and other forms of expression via virtual communities and networks. The variety of stand-alone and built-in social media services currently available introduces challenges of definition

Do not be afraid to spend a little more time and effort creating an enticing promotion. The language and the images you use to communicate this promotion will be what will drive both new and exciting clients through your doors.

You must, therefore, use depictions that will grab their attention. Ensure that all promotions are shared online. It will help in making the pages more active. And do not forget to respond to client queries.

Get the Salon or Spa Listed in Online Directories

When it comes to hair salon marketing ideas, this is one idea you cannot overlook. Long gone are the days of using giant phonebooks to try and find local beauty shops.

Clients are today opting to use web-based directories, e.g., to connect with local salons and spas in their neighbourhoods. In fact, statistics indicate that close to 88% of all customers start by checking online reviews posted on directories before leaving the office or their home for a service.

As such, if your business is yet to get listed and are not actively monitoring online reviews left behind by customers, you are seriously losing out! It is time you started going through your reviews.

Keep Your Website Fresh and Updated

Apart from checking out your listed profiles and social media pages, customers will also spend a great deal of time exploring your website. The condition of your website will provide them with the first impression of your business. For a business in the beauty industry, you have to know that the first impression always matters.

Make sure to include photos of your personnel and their clients; easy access to info on pricing and specials; and an ability to make their reservations online.

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