5 Important Facts About an Everest Base Camp Trek

  • Everest base camp trek is one of the most popular trekking route in Nepal.
  • You should know the good things and difficulties about the place before going on.
  • One thing about Everest base camp trek is the cold temperature.

Now, I am going to tell you about the Everest base camp trek that nobody has told you before.  If you are on board to the Everest base camp trip having a big goal to reach the base camp of the world’s highest mountain base camp, here you have some essential information. Here, you find some important information about the Everest base camp trek.

Mainly, trekking to the Everest base camp is in autumn and spring. These are high trekking seasons in Nepal. Everest base camp trail joins with a short scenic flight to a small airport Lukla. You will enjoy the beauty of the Himalaya while you will be flying on a plane.

It is a top-class Himalayan trek in Nepal which is very much popular among travel enthusiast. Mountain trip always not been safe and easy so you might be looking for some helpful tips and solutions before heading on to your adventure trip to the Everest. Here, you find some solution which I am trying to provide for you.

Altitude sickness medicine

Take Altitude Medication on the Everest Base Camp Trek

A serious problem that many trekkers will face during the Everest base camp trek is altitude sickness. It can kill people but very rarely. Many of the trekkers can finish the trek so far.

Famously known as altitude sickness medicine is Diamox. This only can prevent affecting a few percentages but it does not cure. So, having a tablet and ascending continue to more high elevation is not a good idea. If you would like to buy Diamox before your trip departure in Kathmandu, you might not get them. Because there might not be selling nowadays. You might find acetazolamide in pharmacy is similar to Diamox.

You can start having this pill after you go higher than 3000 meters or you don’t need to take if you won’t have any symptoms. You can find a 500mg dose or 250mg in the pharmacy. If you take 500mg, you can have a half tablet every 12 hours. It means the 250mg dose every 12 hours.

If you have early symptoms, you better have one extra day rest and keep having medicine. If it would be better, you can keep ascending further. If the situation gets worst, you have to descend back as soon as possible. And of course, you might have some side effects with it like tingling fingers, toe and somewhere of your body part.

This medication might make you dehydrated then you need to drink more fluid than usual. If you have some problem before taking a pill, you better consult with your guide or local health assistant from the area where you are.

If you drink alcohol, stop drinking while you trek on the way up. You can do the party after visiting the base camp after you will descend lower areas. Also if you smoke, try to deduce the number of smoking because it may harm you to breath at high altitude.

Note: Altitude tablets only might prevent sickness but does not cure of a serious problem.

Tissues for the trek.

Take Enough Tissues and Baby Wipes

You are travelling to high Himalayan land and there possible you might have travellers diarrhoea. Because of cold temperature, also is more possibilities having a common flue and running nose. Tissues play a vital role on these occasions. Taking them from your home or Kathmandu might make heavy your bag for check in to the plane. You just take some with you and buy them on the way while you will be on the trek.

Of course, it will be expensive buying up in the mountain but still, it will be cheaper than paying an extra amount for overload on the plane. In case of stomach problem along the trek, you will have toilet facilities in most of the places but sometimes you should hide behind the bushes or rocks so you take some tissues handy while you will be walking from one place to the next.

When you reach higher elevated lands, there will be very cold so baby wipes will help a lot to clean your face and hands. Also if you won’t get or feel too cold for a shower in some days, using baby wipes to clean will be helpful to you.

internet facilities.

There are Wi-Fi Services and Cell Phone Signals

You might be worried if there are internet and phone services. The cell phone reception is everywhere on the trek that you can use to talk to your family with buying a SIM card from Kathmandu. You also can buy internet data packages from telecoms and use the internet along the way. It is the first choice of using internet and phone calls.

You can buy internet top-up Wi-Fi cards in the place where you stay for the internet but using data is recommended than Wi-Fi top-up card. If you have data from the cell phone companies, you can even use at the base camp but if you use the internet from Wi-Fi card, you need to be around the router.

Buying a SIM card is not difficult which you can buy at the airport while you will be coming out of the airport. Mainly NCELL and NTC are providing the service in the Everest region. NCELL has better internet service up there so you can choose this company for the Everest base camp trek.

Nepalese food dal bhat.

Stay with Vegetarian Foods

Food is your fuel which provides you with energy to walk in the mountain region. Don’t worry if you won’t very much starving along the way but losing appetite could be a symptom of altitude sickness.

The lodges are seeling meat items which you can see on the menu and might like to try. Think once before if you are going to order meat item. Having meat until Namche Bazaar on the way up and after visiting the base camp is recommended if you would like to. You are going on the Buddhist region so, they don’t kill animals up there and bring meat from the lower areas carrying a few days. This meat could not be fresh and it may harm your stomach.

Everest base camp trekking trail.

Everest Base Camp Hike is not Difficult

Surely, trekking on high Himalayan land is not easy as much as walking on lower elevated lands. But, trekking to the Everest base camp is not much difficult as much as you might be thinking right now. There are thousands of trekkers are taking it easy and hundreds of them are the first time trekkers.

It will be easier if you have some hiking practice up to 3000 metres elevation before planning a trek to the Everest base camp. Walking hours per day will not make difficult at all because you will have enough time from one camp to the next. The only problem you might face is an altitude gaining. You will fly from 1350m to 2840m directly and trek to 5364m taking 8 days including 2 extra rest days for altitude practice. You may feel altitude when you will pass Namche Bazaar with a bit of difficulty of breathing.

Another thing about Everest base camp trek is the cold temperature. Taking nice and warm trekking equipment is highly recommended. If you keep warm yourself, you won’t feel bad trekking to the Everest base camp and enjoy your mountain trip.

If you would know these hidden pieces of information about the Everest base camp trek, it will be easier to plan your trek and keeps you careful of any problem that you might face. If you trek pre-planned with the information provided above, you will enjoy with your Everest base camp hike. The journey begins here…

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